Queen Latifah shares story of discovering Dolly Parton is a fan of ‘The Equalizer’

The actress talks to "The View" about being honored at Variety's 2022 Power of Women, breaking ground on a project in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey, and her show getting renewed.
9:40 | 05/05/22

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Transcript for Queen Latifah shares story of discovering Dolly Parton is a fan of ‘The Equalizer’
- Speaking of extraordinary things, you were over in Newark. - Yes. - Yeah, I was born there. - I know, but what were you doing over in Newark quite recently? - I was-- it was a groundbreaking ceremony for a project we have called Rise Living. [CLAPPING, CHEERING] Yeah. That's me in the green. That's me in the green. Yeah, so we're breaking ground on a project that we been working on for quite some time. And finally, it's getting off the ground. 72 units and affordable, and Girl Scouts will be in there. And it's going to be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. - So you're providing affordable housing for the people of Newark? - Yes. Of course. - Thank you. - Awesome. [CLAPPING, CHEERING] - But the thing is-- it's affordable housing, but it is just-- it's exactly the same as the market-rate houses that will be built as well. So nothing is different. It's just going to be a little more affordable. - Yeah. - So that's, to me-- I want to-- my dream has always been to build things that I want to live in. So if I'm going to live there, it's got to be right. - No, I say thank you because I grew up in the Bronx housing projects. And you did feel different, right? You felt different from the others around you. So why not provide that? So I appreciate you. QUEEN LATIFAH: I grew up in Newark, and it was the same thing. And we moved up and up and up and up. So for me, it's also about people in Newark being able to stay in Newark. So as you advance in life, as you go through, you start to make more and more money, and you want to still stay local, that you have someplace nice that you can move up to without having to leave the community. You can-- just pray for us. Just pray for us. - I love that. You give back, you give back. - And for all of your work, tonight you will be honored at the Variety Power of Women event. I'm going to attend and cheer you on. QUEEN LATIFAH: Thank you. SUNNY HOSTIN: You're going to be honored with Kim Cattrall, Camila Cabello, Venus Williams, Amanda Seyfried, Drew Barrymore, it's a wonderful group of women. What does it mean to you that you were included in such an incredible group? - I mean, it's always-- it's amazing to sit here amongst you amazing women, amongst you amazing women. I mean, for me, that's-- [CLAPPING] --where the honor begins. The honor begins with honoring women, with loving my mother, with being raised by the way my mother raised me. To love and care for other women, to support other women, to lift each other up. And my grandmother did it, and my aunts did it, and my other grandmother does it. And so, this is just the kind of family I come from. We celebrate women. JOY BEHAR: What's the one thing they taught you or did for you, do you think? - I think my-- what did they-- I'm sorry, what was the question? JOY BEHAR: What was the thing? There must be some one thing that they did that you cherish, all these women for you as a child. - Love me. They loved me. JOY BEHAR: They were loving you. - They loved me. They showed me love. They showed me love. [CLAPPING] Showed me what it is to love. And they also were honest with me about the difficulties that I would face in the world. And learning that you're a girl is one of the hardest things to learn. Being told, OK-- I'm like, why can't I run around with my shirt off? "You're a girl." These things are happening. - It's just not taught. - What do you mean, I have to put on a-- what? But learning that you're a girl in a way that is not necessarily positive, in the sense that you're going to have to work harder. - Yeah. - And that-- especially a girl of color. - Yeah. - You're a little Black girl, you're going to have to work twice as hard. So learning these things as a youngster was difficult. But with the support that I had, and seeing examples in front of me of people who still made it-- looking at you, looking at you, looking at you, Whoopi, especially-- I mean, you were, come on. We watched you do it. I mean, you did it! [CLAPPING] It was like, Whoopi is doing it, I want to do that. So having Whoopi, having examples around me, was very, very helpful to me. - Sure. - And now you-- - What are they, crazy? - But you're-- during your second season of your hit show The Equalizer-- and we just found out this morning, it was announced that it's being renewed for season three. [CHEERING] And four. And you were talking about women supporting women, we heard you got a letter about how great the show was from someone special. Can you share that with us? - Oh my goodness. Oh man. If you are lucky enough to get this pink letter in the mail that says Dolly on it-- [LAUGHTER] [CLAPPING] Hi, Dolly! Dolly sent me a-- I just saw this pink letter, and I had finally gotten home, and I'm like, what is this? And I opened this letter, and it's from Dolly. And, "Girl--" and I can hear her voice-- "girl, you are just kicking butt on that show. You are a badass!" And I can-- I could hear Dolly's voice saying it. And of course, I could hear her rapping, too. So, Dolly, you are always welcome on the show-- SARA HAINES: Oh, that's great. - --season three or four! Whichever one, if you'd like to join us. JOY BEHAR: And wait a second-- and this show too. Please come back. - Thank God. I know, right? - Isn't she the best? - She's the best. - Dolly was one of the people I looked up to as well. Because I was quite well-endowed as a youngster. And so was Dolly. But she had this confidence, and this humor, and this kindness at the same time. And so when you see women like that, you see yourself in them. And you see-- - She was always proud of her body. - Always proud of her body. And so you felt like, OK, yeah, I can sing. I can dance. I can do this. I can carry these things. [LAUGHTER] And a basketball court somehow. I don't know. But I'm going to work it out. Gonna work it out. - I have to tell you that you are just such a good person. I met you in the past, but I also met some of your team members last night. - Yes. - Harrison and Bennett. And they were just so dope. And I could tell that's what you do on purpose. - They're probably back there right now, like, "ooh". - I wanna also talk about your film really quickly. You have upcoming Netflix movie, Hustle, that I got a chance to see. That was awesome. - That was so good. It's so much fun. - It intertwines-- - Did you see it? - --basketball and it intertwines a love story, which I love. So it got me and Colin into it. Tell us a little bit about it, because we got to run. [INTERPOSING VOICES] - Let me go to break. QUEEN LATIFAH: Adam Sandler. - And then-- [LAUGHTER] We'll come back and you can explain what we're talking about. - I love Adam Sandler. I did a movie with Adam Sandler, who I absolutely love and adore. - It's hilarious. QUEEN LATIFAH: Hey Sunny, happy bat mitzvah. His daughter's bat mitzvah was coming up, so congratulations to you, sweet, sweet Sunny. But he plays kind of a beleaguered basketball scout, who is a little disheartened about not getting a certain promotion. And so I play his wife, and I'm really just there to support him and let him know that he can do it. He finds this potential star, and he has to work with him, and I have to work with him-- with Adam as my husband. I have to work with him to keep him believing in himself. And it becomes a family affair. So it's sort of a romantic movie. But at the same time, it's a family-- exactly, a romantic family comedy. It's a beautiful movie. We shot in Philadelphia. - And it's a good basketball movie, too. - I love that. - And it's like-- it's a real basketball movie. - And the sneakers y'all had and everything going on. - And this is so much fun. - Adam is wonderful, he's a wonderful comedian. I remember him from the old days. But we are celebrating 25 seasons on The View. And you have been here 20 times. - What? [LAUGHTER, CLAPPING] - Your first appearance-- - Cut the check! Cut my check! - The first-- - Don't say that, because they actually will cut it. - No, don't cut the check. - Your first appearance was in 1998. And you got-- we have to show this tape, it's funny-- Barbara Walters to rap. You got her to rap. Let's see. - Oh my-- - Put it up for Barbara, y'all, come on. Show your love. OK. Here we go. BARBARA WALTERS: My name is Barbara, and if it's news to you, then check us out on the show called The View. I'm just chilling, because I was willing to stake my career on the ladies right here. A working mom, a blonde who's the boss, a Joy named Behar, and a lawyer who's a star. That's the story and the morning glory, just me and The View coming right at you. [CHEERING] [INTERPOSING VOICES] - That was impressive. - Yeah. - Listen. QUEEN LATIFAH: Listen. - It's always good to see you. Wow. WHOOPI GOLDBERG: And thank you for everything you're doing in the world. - Thank you. WHOOPI GOLDBERG: It makes a difference. - Wow. WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Thanks to Queen Latifah, the equalizer, as Sunday night. Hustle premieres on Netflix on June 10th. And she will be in another Netflix movie called End of the Road later this year. - Wow. You are working. - Yeah, hell yeah! Hell yeah, she working! Yeah! That's what we do.

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{"duration":"9:40","description":"The actress talks to \"The View\" about being honored at Variety's 2022 Power of Women, breaking ground on a project in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey, and her show getting renewed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"84524168","title":"Queen Latifah shares story of discovering Dolly Parton is a fan of ‘The Equalizer’","url":"/theview/video/queen-latifah-shares-story-discovering-dolly-parton-fan-84524168"}