Maury Povich on the final season of his iconic talk show

The "Maury" show host looks back on pushing the envelope to help normalize conversations from teen pregnancy to infidelity as his show comes to an end.
8:07 | 05/23/22

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Transcript for Maury Povich on the final season of his iconic talk show
[MUSIC PLAYING] - Good to see you. So, Sara, how old is that kid I gave you a gender reveal on? - Oh my gosh, you remembered. He turned three in June. - Caleb. - Caleb, we actually have a picture, I think, of him with the special outfit you gave him. [LAUGHTER] And Max was happy to see it, so. - Well, we are really happy that you're here. You were supposed to be here last week and then you got the big VID. - I know. I got-- I've had COVID twice-- WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Me too. SUNNY HOSTIN: Oh, wow. - --in the last month or so. SUNNY HOSTIN: Wow. WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Bad? - No, not bad, but, you know, I looked on it this way, all right? So we all, of course, quarantined. And so I'm saying, wow, this is different. Because now my wife's not here, you know? I'm in this room. WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Right. - And I thought to myself, this is like a trial divorce. [LAUGHTER] So, I mean, and for the first 24 hours, it's cool. I mean, you're not answering to anybody. It's terrific. WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Yeah. - And then I got lonely. So these trial divorces only work for a day is the problem. - Yeah. So a lot of fans were disappointed and sad to hear that after 31 years-- ANA NAVARRO: Wow, wow, wow-- - --you were retiring. ANA NAVARRO: I'm sad. I'm very sad. - Yeah, 31, you are the longest-- - Really? - --Maury, you are the longest-running daytime talk show-- ANA NAVARRO: Wow. JOY BEHAR: --in broadcast TV history with more than 3,600 episodes. MAURY POVICH: Right. JOY BEHAR: So you're now going to be at liberty. What are you looking forward to? - Well, you know, here's the problem. I usually end the season about this time. So I don't know about this retirement stuff. And I won't know it like until August or September when I'm supposed to come back to work. But I've got a lot of, I've got a lot of things I've been interested in. And Connie and I, believe it or not-- JOY BEHAR: Connie Chung is his wife. MAURY POVICH: Yeah. I've only been Mr. Chung for 37 years. I mean, it's true. When we were first married and I-- we had a commuter marriage. I was living in Washington, DC, my hometown. I was anchoring the news there. And so I would come up on weekends. And so the guy, the doorman would say, who are you here to see? I said, I'm here to see my wife, Connie Chung. And so he'd come back and I'd hear him on the phone, Ms. Chung, Mr. Chung is there. - Oh, wow. - I'll never live that down. - But you were about to tell us the things that Connie and you want to do. - What's that? - You were about to tell us the things Connie and-- - Oh, so Connie and I, believe it or not, against the grain, 15 years ago, we've lived in Montana in the summer for like 25 years. And so we started a newspaper. And it's called "The Flathead Beacon" in the Flathead Valley of Montana. It's a great newspaper. It's won every award in the state. ANA NAVARRO: Oh, wow. - So I'll be very active in that. I mean, all these newspapers are closing. And I'm like an idiot and started one. - No, but that's great. - Yeah, but they're coming back. And people go and they still buy newspaper. - Local journalism, can't beat local journalism. - I read our local paper every day. - So no golfing for you, actually. - That's great. I love your show. When I was on bed rest-- this is a very quick. But when I was on bed rest for six months with my son and I watched your show like on a loop-- - How old was your son? - My son is 19 now. But-- - Do you let him watch? - No, no. But I will say, I had a dream that my husband, then my husband took me on to your show and said that he was not the father. And it was like just this whole thing. But anyway, your show really-- - It was a dream? - It was a dream. It was a dream. - Sure. - He is the father. He is the father. Now, your show really pushed the envelope. And while always entertaining, you highlighted real issues from teen pregnancy to infidelity-- I love when they like run into the audience-- and abusive relationships as well. How do you think you helped normalize conversations about some of these topics in mainstream media? - Well, you ask a good question because, you know, over the years-- Whoopi, you'll understand this-- any time you go to the edge of something, all of a sudden, critics, you know, they dump on you. And I say to them all the time, look, I'm trying to get fathers into the lives of these kids. Everybody knows that a child has a better chance with two parents in their life instead of one. And if I can get this guy involved in the lives of these kids, then he has a better chance. And since I've been on all these years, we bring these people back 15 years later, 20 years later to find out, did they get involved? And many, many times-- I'm not saying a majority-- but a significant percentage of these fathers got involved. - Because you've humiliated them on television. - But sometimes it's not the father. Sometimes it's not the father. - Well, you know, it's very interesting. Joy, you talk about that, for instance, the out-of-control teenagers, one of the reasons why they turn their lives around is they see themselves and they're embarrassed. They're embarrassed because their friends are seeing them act like that. - When you started, there wasn't this DNA testing craze that there is now, which is bringing a lot of secrets out of the woodwork in a lot of families. - Wow, it's great, isn't it? Terrific. - You said that you're going to be remembered for two lines, so tell us what they are. - "You are the father." "You are not the father." - So it's funny, it's funny you should mention that. Because I think we have a little clip. - OK. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] - You are not the father! [CHEERING] - You are the father! [CHEERING] - You are not-- - You are the father! - You are the father! [CHEERING] - You are not the father. [END PLAYBACK] - Ah. - Well, you know-- - I have to ask you, when are they most happy, when they're not the father or when they are the father? - Depends on the situation-- JOY BEHAR: Because I see them. MAURY POVICH: Exactly, it's the, it's the situation. JOY BEHAR: Generally speaking? MAURY POVICH: Some of these fathers want to be, some don't want to be. You know, but-- SUNNY HOSTIN: Some of them cry when they're not the father. I've seen that on the show, yes. - And these two great lines, the embellishment came because right in the beginning, the first time anybody came, my producer would say, OK, here's the story and everything. OK, I've got it. And he said, I'll give you the result. I said, I don't want to know the result. I don't want to know anything that my guests don't know, my audience doesn't know, my live audience doesn't know. I don't want to know anything because I'd skew the questions. Because I would know more than they do. So the embellishment on the lines came from my surprise as much as the guests' surprise. - So Maury, before we go, we must talk more about the fabulous Connie Chung. You've been married for almost 40 years. MAURY POVICH: Yeah. - You credit her for a lot of your success. But what would you say is the secret to making it work that well? MAURY POVICH: We have different views of this I say because any discussions or arguments you have during the day, once the head hits the pillow, it's over. Connie says the reason why it's a success is she holds a grudge. [LAUGHTER] By the way, before we leave, I'm going to see you in a couple of weeks. - You are? - Yes. SARA HAINES: You are the father! - No-- - Where? - --because Whoopi and I, I'm dragging along with your coattails, are being awarded the Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Award at NATPE. - Oh. [INTERPOSING VOICES] - And we both knew Brandon. WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Yes. - He was the best. - Yeah, he really was. - Maybe the smartest man when it came to TV. - And died way too young. JOY BEHAR: Way too young, yeah. - And so I'll see you then. - Thank you for that. Yes, you will. Thanks to Maury Povich.

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{"duration":"8:07","description":"The \"Maury\" show host looks back on pushing the envelope to help normalize conversations from teen pregnancy to infidelity as his show comes to an end.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"84913377","title":"Maury Povich on the final season of his iconic talk show","url":"/theview/video/maury-povich-final-season-iconic-talk-show-84913377"}