Father-daughter duo LeVar and Mica Burton on starring together in 'Star Trek: Picard'

LeVar Burton told "The View" why it was important for his character to have healthy relationships with women in the series.
9:13 | 03/23/23

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Transcript for Father-daughter duo LeVar and Mica Burton on starring together in 'Star Trek: Picard'
- I love your house. - This is cool. - You know what? It's not only great to see you on Picard this season, but Mica-- - I know. - You're playing one of your two daughters, one of the two daughters on the show that you have. And I have to-- I have to ask you this, really. - All right. - What is this like to have your child doing all the stuff that took hours for you to memorize? [LAUGHING] It's just coming out of her mouth. I mean, I remember talking to you, because you had all the technical stuff. - Technobabble, we call it technobabble. Well, you know what? She handles it really well. I'll tell you what it's like. I'm a proud man, proud papa. [APPLAUSE] And I'll tell you why. And it's not simply because she know she's been a part of the Next Gen family since she was born, right? Whoopi, she's good. She's good. Yeah. Kid's got it. That's all I'm going to say. - Oh. - Kid's got it. Kid's got it. - That is a proud papa. - He is so proud. Ah. No, don't. You can't. No. No. - Well, you know the whole Next Generation cast, they've been friends for years. That's why this Whoopi and Levar know each other forever, and everybody's been friendly on the set, right? For years you guys have been family. - Yeah. Yeah. - So I understand also that Whoopi actually gave you something when you were a baby that you still have. Tell everybody what that is. - So Whoopi gave me a custom embroidered cashmere baby blanket, and I called him Night Night. - And how old were you? - I was zero? - Yeah. Yeah. I was zero. And I still have Night Night to this day as an almost 30-year-old woman. But Night Night isn't the same or recognizable. - Well, who is, after 30 years? - Right, right, who is after 30 years? He kind of disintegrated and my grandmother put another backing on him. And all that remains of the original Night Night, if you zoom in, that's a picture of him now. - Oh. You got to keep zooming it's like stitched a little tiny little bit of cashmere, but I also have inside a plastic bag inside a plastic bag inside another plastic bag, shards of Night Night that have survived and I will always keep them special. - That is the sweetest thing ever. - I haven't seen-- I don't think I've seen you since you-- almost since you were born. - Yeah. Wow. It's been a while. - It's been three decades. - Time for a new Night Night, Whoopi. Yeah. - Where's my new Night Night? - Nice to see you kicking butt on Borg. - Thank you. It's so lovely to see you again. - And you. - Well, on Star Trek Next Generation, Geordi was known for being kind of unlucky in love. - Yeah. Now but on Picard, it's clear his luck has changed because he has two grown daughters. Now why was that character development so important to you? - Because it never struck me as OK in the scenario that we found ourselves, that not only was the engineer, the nerd, uncomfortable with women, if you count Worf as a Klingon and not human, Geordi was the only Black man on the crew. - That's right. - And to have the Black man have that sort of personality twitch-- - Flaw. - Flaw. Yeah, thank you, Whoopi. Right. It just didn't sit well with me. I thought it was lazy. And I felt that the white male writing staff had a little unconscious bias going on. Yeah, right? And so when Terry Martell, the showrunner of season three of Picard, when we were talking and he asked me, is there anything that you really want to see happen with the character? I said, Terry, please can he have healthy relationships with women. And he did. And he did me one better. Not only is he married, he has two incredible daughters. One is a pilot, right? And Geordi flew the ship in the first season. And the other is an engineer. - I love that. [APPLAUSE] I love that. - Well, there's something else that changed though, you don't wear the iconic-- not you, sorry. Geordi does not wear the iconic-- - Oh, I wear it at home. [LAUGH] - Maybe that's he got lucky in love. - Well, what happened to the visor. - Well, after many years, and we always talked about how Geordi's visor was one of the ways we telegraph the sophisticated nature of the technology in the 21st century. - Yeah. - But it really became important to me after a while to just-- we're in the 24th century, can't we put that technology in like an ocular implant? - Yeah. And so we did. You have one. Right. - I have one. - You have one. - I got it done last week. They took out-- you thought I was kidding. I'm not wearing glasses, babe. - Oh, right. Oh, wow, that's what's different about you. - Exactly. - You're not wearing glasses. So you had a cataract removed? - No, I had the lens removed. They removed the lens and replaced it. - She can see through walls now. - That's right. - It was a really good surgeon. - And when everyone was here last time, I tried to read the monitor without my glasses and I couldn't do it. And I was so upset. But when we came back on Monday, I was like, wabow! - Yeah. [APPLAUSE] - It was so shocking. - Changed your life. Changed your life. - Oh, yeah. Changed your life. - So I know what that visor meant. - So Geordi has eyes that are actually blue, which is wild. Because the contact lenses that I wear are just black lines on a white field. But there's some alchemical reaction that nobody seems to understand. It makes his eyes blue. - Wow. Well, I have a question. Mica, one of your deep, dark family secrets actually is that you never watched your father on Star Trek growing up. And that you actually prefer the Star Wars franchise. - Sips tea. - That's not right. - What's this I hear about an intervention your friends held on your behalf? - So I wasn't a very rebellious kid. I didn't sneak out. I ate my vegetables. But my one form of rebellion was, I will watch Star Wars. I am not a Trekkie. I am a Star Wars fan. But truly, it really was just because I love my Star Trek family so much. They've always been there my whole life. So to me, it was weird to see Uncle Michael and Aunt Marina looking weird. So I never really watched it. And I watched Star Wars instead. But finally in high school, my friends who are also big nerds sat me down during our sleepover. And they said, we cannot watch anything else until you watch an episode of The Next Generation. But unfortunately, they showed me an episode where they went to the Holodeck and they were in Renaissance clothing. - It was a Q episode. - It didn't help. But-- - But wait, there's more to come. My question is fans are loving this season of Picard so much that they are now calling for a spinoff featuring not only the legacy cast, but their children as well. - It's true. Would you be on board for that? - I am down. - So down. - Absolutely. You know what the writers have done is they've really set it up well. We've got the next generation of the Next Generation. - Yeah, right. - Yeah, and the La Forge sisters, one's an engineer and the other is a pilot, right? We've got Jacques Crusher there, right? Seven of Nine. It makes a whole lot of sense. - Well, maybe this is when they discover that Picard is actually one of my kids. - Interesting. Interesting, now that you said that. - I'm in my 100s on the show. - That's true. - In my 100s, so I could-- I'm probably about nine now, 900. - Well, I got to say that's a twist that I didn't see coming. And I don't think Patrick will have seen. - You never know with us. - Yeah, you never know. - It's just the best. - I love it. - And you're having a great time. - I'm having the most fantastic time. And Ashley, who plays my sister on the show, we actually are really like sisters in real life now. So I would give anything to continue playing Alondra and Sydney and continue the adventure. - We're all down for this y'all. - Thank you. - Our thanks to LeVar and Mica Burton. - Yes. Star Trek Picard is streaming now on Paramount Plus along with seven seasons of Star Trek The Next Generation. Woo!

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{"duration":"9:13","description":"LeVar Burton told \"The View\" why it was important for his character to have healthy relationships with women in the series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"98079217","title":"Father-daughter duo LeVar and Mica Burton on starring together in 'Star Trek: Picard'","url":"/theview/video/father-daughter-duo-levar-mica-burton-starring-star-98079217"}