White House promises baby formula relief

The first military flight from Europe carrying nearly 80,000 pounds of formula arrived in the U.S. Officials said children with allergies get first priority.
2:16 | 05/24/22

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Transcript for White House promises baby formula relief
- The baby formula crisis, and we have learned tonight that the second shipment of baby formula from overseas will now arrive on Wednesday at Dulles Airport in Washington DC. The first shipment, enough for half a million bottles, is already on its way tonight to hospitals and pharmacies after arriving, these images from Indiana yesterday. It can't come soon enough amid more concerning headlines tonight, including for babies who were hospitalized in South Carolina. Here's ABC'S Erielle Reshef. ERIELLE RESHEF: Tonight, ABC News confirming a second shipment of specialized baby formula is expected to arrive in the US on Wednesday, this news just a day after the first plane, packed with 78,000 pounds, touched down in Indiana. - This shipment provides enough formula to take care of 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for a week. ERIELLE RESHEF: The emergency supply expected to be delivered in a matter of days, initially offered by prescription only for children with the highest need. But that first wave falling far short of addressing the urgent nationwide demand. The vice president acknowledging the growing fear. - I know this is a scary situation for our parents and the caregivers. ERIELLE RESHEF: The Biden administration announcing the first two authorizations under the Defense Production Act, hoping that will help major companies ramp up production. But 45% of formula across the country sold out. And as desperate parents from coast to coast scour for supply, in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams declaring a state of emergency to protect vulnerable families from price gouging. Doctors now warning the dire shortage is growing more dangerous. Four babies in South Carolina recently hospitalized, three of them after their parents were forced to switch them to a different brand, one after their caregiver attempted to mix their own formula. - If we continue down this path, we're going to see more and more infants who are going to need specialized medical care because of it. - And David, the head of the USDA saying that this crisis could ease in the next 30 days, the vice president saying this is a top priority for the administration and they are working around the clock on this. But bottom line, at least another month, at best, for these families to go through uncertainty, David. - Erielle Reshef on this for us again tonight. Thank you, Erielle.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"The first military flight from Europe carrying nearly 80,000 pounds of formula arrived in the U.S. Officials said children with allergies get first priority.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"84920419","title":"White House promises baby formula relief","url":"/WNT/video/white-house-promises-baby-formula-relief-84920419"}