Storm spawns possible tornado in Los Angeles

Another possible tornado was spotted on the coast near Santa Barbara.
2:31 | 03/22/23

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Transcript for Storm spawns possible tornado in Los Angeles
- We turn next tonight to the reported tornado in downtown Los Angeles, one of two reported twisters. Part of this deadly storm barreling across the country-- 20 states, 60 million Americans now on alert tonight. The strongest March storm ever to strike San Francisco. To the Southeast of downtown LA, these were the pictures, this very unusual sight-- a likely tornado in Montebello. And then to the Northeast of San Francisco, rain washing out a retaining wall on interstate 580. Fears of a complete collapse now. Santa Cruz County hit especially hard. One resident recording his treacherous escape right here through the downed trees and power lines. The storm now targeting the South Texas, right up to Ohio and then into the Northeast. Senior meteorologist Rob Marciano in Santa Cruz tonight. - Look at this tornado. - Tonight, an extremely rare sight in Southern California-- two reported tornadoes, one of them just East of downtown Los Angeles sending debris flying. Workers watching and recording as roofing goes airborne. - It came right down to the ground. It ripped the roof off five buildings here in this industrial area. Only one person injured at this point in time. - Just up the coast, a confirmed tornado spotted near Santa Barbara. - Yo! - The National Weather Service surveying the damage tonight. The strongest March storm to ever hit the Bay Area now carving a path of destruction up and down the Golden State. In the San Francisco area, more than 700 reports of downed trees. At least five people killed, and several others critically injured. And overnight, San Francisco's Third Street Bridge shut down for a time after at least one barge slammed right into it. The high winds sending furniture and other debris flying from city skyscrapers. - So let's bring in Rob Marciano with us tonight to time this out again for us. Hey, Rob. - Hey, David. You can see utility crews behind me finally getting a break and making some progress. This storm winding down here on the West Coast, but plenty of staying power to go cross-country. Already, alerts are stretching into the Ohio River Valley and all hazards are in play here-- snow, wind, avalanche, flooding, and yes, severe storms come round about this time tomorrow across the Southern plains from Oklahoma City to Dallas. Big hail, big winds lightly there, and then stretching into Alexandria, Jackson, and Memphis during the day on Friday. Better chance of seeing tornadoes, I think, that time, and then pushing up across the Great Lakes and heavy rain through Cincinnati into the Northeast with heavy rain and snow wrapping around the backside of this on Saturday. And we don't get rid of this whole storm until late in the day on Sunday. David. - All right. Rob Marciano with us tonight on the storm yet again. Rob, Thank you.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Another possible tornado was spotted on the coast near Santa Barbara. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"98059403","title":"Storm spawns possible tornado in Los Angeles","url":"/WNT/video/storm-spawns-tornado-los-angeles-98059403"}