Son honors dad lost to COVID-19 at football practice

ABC News’ David Muir reported on the stories of children who had lost a parent or primary caregiver to COVID-19. AJ Arellano said he prays for his dad before every football game.
3:41 | 05/14/22

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Transcript for Son honors dad lost to COVID-19 at football practice
- So many of you sent beautiful notes on social media after meeting the children last night, the orphans of COVID. 250,000 children in this country have lost a parent, or primary caregiver in COVID. Their bravery, their strength, our persons of the week. So many of you were moved by the stories of the children. A.J. Arellano every day 5:30 in the morning at practice in honor of his dad, Alan. - Our Father, who art in heaven. REPORTER: Nine months after losing his father, telling us what he does before every game. You go to the sideline? - Yeah, right over there. - And what do you do? - Well, I say a little prayer. And I talked to my dad just like I would before every game. He'd give me a phone call, so I just act like I'm on the same phone call. And I just hear him talking back with me, and I know that he's watching me. So I know that I can play the game without any worries. - You still hear his voice? - Yeah, definitely. REPORTER: We've now learned his final game is just two weeks away. He's about to become a senior, too. So you got history? - Yeah. - Are you ready for history today? - I'm ready for history. It's going to be a good day today. - Awesome. REPORTER: There was Cornelia Jiros on the Choctaw reservation in Mississippi. CORNELIA JIROS: They are my mama and daddy, but they died. REPORTER: The little girl who lost both parents. And her aunt, Mylidy Bell, now raising her niece. Finishing the first grade on the honor roll. - Cornelia Jiros Bale. REPORTER: And now, another milestone. - They get to choose two dances, and they dance in front of the whole community. REPORTER: The first festival on the reservation since the pandemic started. There was Trey and Jenny Burrowss raising their two younger sisters after losing their mother. Jenny telling me she always wears her mother's cross. - I don't feel right not wearing it. I've worn it every day since I got it from the hospital, so. - She was wearing that when she went to the hospital? - Yeah. Yeah. This is the first thing that they handed to me. And ever since then, I've had it. REPORTER: You saw we found Trey after his EMT test. So how'd it go? - It was good. I passed the first one. - Yeah? You passed the first one? - Yes, sir. - You're feeling good? - Yeah, all right, confident. - The smile says it all. And tonight, now sending us this image. He passed all of his exams, wearing his cap and gown. Walking across the stage at Palm Beach State College, now on his way to becoming a firefighter. And in Lyndhurst New Jersey, Kylie and Colton Coney, who lost their father. Colton starting hockey to honor his father. How were the pregame nerves? - A little nervous. - A little nervous? All right. Tonight, Colton telling us his team made it to the playoffs, and he scored his first goal. - 1, 2, 3. Go Bears. REPORTER: And Kyle who gave that speech in honor of all the children who've lost a parent. KYLIE CONEY: Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Kylie Coney. REPORTER: She has now heard from other children who've lost parents too, inspired by Kylie's strength. KYLIE CONEY: Going back to school was and still is the most challenging thing I ever had to conquer. This year, my brother decided to join hockey. We are slowly learning to find happiness in our lives again, because that is what he would have wanted for us. Perhaps sharing can let other families know, let other children know that they are not alone. Thank you. - So moving. Our documentary, The Orphans of COVID now streaming on Hulu. We hope you watch their full stories. They're truly incredible.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"ABC News’ David Muir reported on the stories of children who had lost a parent or primary caregiver to COVID-19. AJ Arellano said he prays for his dad before every football game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"84708010","title":"Son honors dad lost to COVID-19 at football practice","url":"/WNT/video/son-honors-dad-lost-covid-19-football-practice-84708010"}