It's Thai-rrific!

ABC News' Danny New explains how one restaurant's clever name is helping attract crowds.
2:24 | 09/19/23

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Transcript for It's Thai-rrific!
DANNY NEW: When it feels impossible to pick a restaurant, you might end up doing something like this. What? You go on Google and search a phrase like, "Thai food near me," which is how, a few weeks ago, I confirmed the theory of evolution. [ANGELIC SINGING] DANNY NEW: Because Thai food Near Me actually exists. - It just seemed so simple and obvious. DANNY NEW: Husbands Robert and Teddy opened the restaurant earlier this year after a special brainstorming session one night with their two business partners. - Because everywhere we go, when we want to eat Thai food, I always search, "Thai food near me." DANNY NEW: But before they even started frying up noodles, the restaurant's sign alone was enough to go viral. ROBERT SAMPSON: My friend tells me, you have to see this. I'm like, what? They're like, your restaurant name is trending on Twitter. DANNY NEW: Somebody posted a picture and four million views later, some of the big names started commenting. Uber Eats wrote, "OMG." Google Maps said, "Very relatable." And Yelp declared, "We're all living in 2023. These guys are living in 3023." - Pretty cool for a restaurant that didn't even open yet. - Hello! Hi! DANNY NEW: A few months later and now their spacious back patio is even ready. Serving up dishes that Teddy brought with him from his family in Bangkok. - They sell food in Thailand. And I grew up that way. DANNY NEW: But now, Teddy and Robert got to deal with being real busy out of the gate because so many customers come in and say-- - I just like searched, "Thai food near me." [CHUCKLING] Hopefully, your food is gonna be good. - Well, let's have Rihannon and Andrew decide. They sent us back with some goodies. You got your standard pad Thai, some spring roll, and the middle is from their secret menu. That's a special cashew dish. - The cashews are delicious. I'm eating them already. - Now, there's no World News Now twist. There's no bugs in this or-- - Ketchup and bananas, as always. Our favorite TikTok trend from last year. - Do you want some chicken? - Wow. Got some great food here, actually. - Here, give me your plate. Give me your plate. There you go. OK. - Just nod and say, it's really good. They worked hard on it. - Oh, yeah. - Very good. And this is near me? - The name is brilliant. - It's in Murray Hill. But the idea is restaurants having names that are easy to find on-- - You know, it reminds me of a restaurant in Tallahassee called Decent Pizza. And they're just like-- - Oh, that's good. I love that. - There you go. More news next. - It's delicious! Mm.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"ABC News' Danny New explains how one restaurant's clever name is helping attract crowds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"103302065","title":"It's Thai-rrific!","url":"/WNN/video/thai-rrific-103302065"}