Red-hot deal on a mansion

ABC News’ Will Ganss has more on the family restoring a burned-out mansion they bought for a fraction of the usual cost.
3:00 | 01/27/23

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Red-hot deal on a mansion
WILL GANSS: It's a classic mansion situated on five acres outside of Nashville, a charming guest home, too, and all for less than $1.5 million bucks. How can it be? [VIDEO PLAYBACK] Oh, that's how. The home burned almost all the way down in September. Even still, agents putting the real in real estate, sharing photos of the 1997 Manor as it is now. - This thing's burnt down, like, we could get this for a bargain. I mean, we could get this for steal. WILL GANSS: Mike Thacker and his family in town from Houston, Texas, hoping to find a home in Nashville in need of some TLC. - I can roll a roller of paint. I can throw down some IKEA flooring. I mean, I can do a couple of things myself. So we've always made it work. - Fixer upper, though, I feel like is putting this situation mildly. This is maybe a little bit more than that. - [LAUGHS] Yeah. It's definitely more than that, holy moly. WILL GANSS: Mike and his family visiting the property on Friday. MIKE: You read the listing and you think, we're gonna get then it's gonna be a pile of ashes. And that wasn't the case. I was actually surprised at just how good condition it was in. WILL GANSS: Meanwhile, the listing racked up millions of views and thousands of saves. - Zillow went wild and a million-plus people saw the thing. So because of all of y'all, I had to pay more money for the house. WILL GANSS: Mike debriefing with his wife and their three kids, and voila. - We shook on it, you know, probably an hour and a half, two hours tops, you know, right there on that first visit. And now awaiting the Thacker family, hilltop views, that guest home untouched by the fire, and a whole lot of hard work. The Thacker family is the family for this job. You guys are the ones to bring this house back to life. MIKE: You know, I think so. I think that love and that TLC that will come from us, and that extra-- you know that extra piece of care because we're building something for us, I think that makes us the best people to do the job. Yeah. - A family that's gonna live there as opposed to someone who's just gonna come in and flip the house. I think they are the people for the job. Because of how many views and shares and saves the property racked up online, Mike and his family plan to document the restoration of their new home on YouTube. First step, he wants to finish the roof and get the water out of the basement. - Yeah, I think it's gonna take a little bit more than IKEA flooring to fix that one up. [LAUGHTER] But yeah, you're right, I'm glad that they're living in it because you know they're really gonna take care of it and not just-- REPORTER: They have to. ANDREW DYMBURT: --a quick, cheap flip. But, man, the real estate market is still on fire. WILL GANSS: Oh. REPORTER: Jeez. WILL GANSS: There it is. There it is. ANDREW DYMBURT: It's red hot. WILL GANSS: [LAUGHS] Keep them coming. REPORTER: Keep it coming. WILL GANSS: [LAUGHS] A pretty gorgeous home. I mean-- ANDREW DYMBURT: And you were saying there's compete-- there were competing offers, too, right? WILL GANSS: For sure. Yeah. There were people flying in from North Carolina to see the house. ANDREW DYMBURT: All right, I can't wait to see the final product.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News’ Will Ganss has more on the family restoring a burned-out mansion they bought for a fraction of the usual cost.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"96712367","title":"Red-hot deal on a mansion","url":"/WNN/video/red-hot-deal-mansion-96712367"}