Puppy rescue mission

This pilot is rescuing as many puppies as possible, one flight at a time. ABC News’ Will Ganss has the story.
2:15 | 10/12/21

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Transcript for Puppy rescue mission
Call it puppy love at first flight Mike Young is on a high flying mission to save as many puppies as he can from animal shelters in the south. I'm close to 7000. Over seven 500 Saturday flights Mike who works as an adjunct professor during the week. Flying every weekend with a few volunteers from Central Florida Alabama. Picking up puppies from overcrowded but under funded shelters all over the state the pups with all their necessary vaccinations. Spending the morning playing and getting to know each other. And getting suckered out before their flight to Florida. We couldn't of the client want another route pilots standing by. New Watson go. How do you put all those blogging your client it's easy wanted to talk. Each flight is an hour and a half lawn a far cry from the twelve hour ground transport option. And a number of puppies her flight is typically between twenty and thirty depending on how much they weigh. What would you say to people who look at Canadian it is I eat. Right and I can see how well they might Dugard and into fewer control panel. I'm Mike plant site like this far away from are ready to assess which in the middle. Narrow Iran sought Mike's co pilot tasked with making sure none of the pubs make it near him while he's flying. What would you say is the most difficult. Process. Coordinating. Everybody likes says finding these pubs a forever home is worth it smiling and everyone's happy this is like. Positive energy on steroids. Right button and then these easy ground. Her. And somehow in his eleven years of these rescue flights. He's managed only bring his work home with him a few times. Yet Mike has three dogs that he's taken home from his flights he personally doesn't take donations he finds all the flights himself but those looking to help. Can donate to Alabama rescue relay which does important work for the pops on the ground there before they take too deep for around these guys again. I was just say for the rest the puppies all take them you know might it doesn't allow Pat's day the last of it at.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"This pilot is rescuing as many puppies as possible, one flight at a time. ABC News’ Will Ganss has the story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"80536122","title":"Puppy rescue mission","url":"/WNN/video/puppy-rescue-mission-80536122"}