Lost dog found

A dog stolen from her home five years ago has finally been reunited with her family. ABC News’ Will Ganss has more on how she found her way home.
3:00 | 08/04/22

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Transcript for Lost dog found
- Jamie! - Chance! Chance! WILL GANSS: It's a happy ending worthy of Hollywood. - We were all crying. I mean, all-- me and my girls, we were just boohooing. WILL GANSS: Stephanie Malmstrom and her kids stunned to learn that their family dog, Sheba, has been found after being stolen five years ago from their home outside of Houston. Surveillance video showing the moment dognappers got away with the German Shepherd. - She runs from underneath the porch. They scoop her up, walk around the backside of the truck, load her up, and take off. WILL GANSS: Until half a decade later, a text message from a stranger 600 miles away in the Texas panhandle. STEPHANIE MALMSTROM: And I was like, no way. Like, absolutely, this is insane. Like, I won $1,000,000 and a cruise also. WILL GANSS: Sheba found safe and sound thanks to animal control officer Jared Harper. JARED HARPER: Her behavior just really showed me that this isn't just the normal, just, dog running loose. WILL GANSS: Harper unsure who had her or how she wound up 600 miles from home. STEPHANIE MALMSTROM: It's unbelievable, Jared. Thank you so much. - Of course. I mean, I'm just-- you know, for me, I'm just doing my job. WILL GANSS: It's not the first time a four-legged friend has wound up a little too far from home. This Jack Russell rescued in a life jacket five miles from shore in the Gulf of Mexico. Malka the lab stuck in a volcano fissure in Hawaii for two days before being rescued. And then there's Jake, who was lost in Arizona and found a year later in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, back in Baytown, Texas, after five years, the Malmstrom family has big plans for Sheba's first night back at home. - We had steak night once a week, and dad cooks the best steaks, so we already have steak night planned for when she gets home. - So Sheba was microchipped, which is how Officer Harper was able to track down the Malmstrom family. They're currently working with a few different animal organizations to fly Sheba those 600 miles back to home and to that steak dinner. - Steak, treats, toys. - We got to have an update when that reunion happens because it's going to be tear-filled. But five years, that's 35 years in dog years. - That's right. - So I hope Sheba remembers them. - I'm sure. Dogs never forget. - She'll remember the steak. - And I'm glad this has such a great ending. And it also is kind of a reminder, right, to pet owners, to consider getting your pets chipped. This is why. This is exactly why. I mean, Sheba may never have gone home. - I was shocked at how easy it was to microchip Archie. Like, took no time. - Little shot, yep. - Yeah.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A dog stolen from her home five years ago has finally been reunited with her family. ABC News’ Will Ganss has more on how she found her way home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"87920820","title":"Lost dog found","url":"/WNN/video/lost-dog-found-87920820"}