Holiday gift ideas

The Giz Wiz's Dick Debartolo shows ABC News’ Will Ganss some of this year’s unique holiday gift ideas for everyone on your gift list.
3:23 | 12/06/21

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Transcript for Holiday gift ideas
- And are T-minus 18 days away from Santa's sliding down more than one billion chimneys on Christmas Eve. But what will be in his sack of toys? Santa's very own helper and our own Giz Whiz Dick Debartolo joins us now directly from the North Pole with his collection of unique holiday gift ideas. Welcome, Dick. I mean, you are the present underneath the tree. DICK DEBARTOLO: Absolutely. There's a tree shortage. I don't think so. - I don't' think so. And you're telling me we can all look as fabulous as you do? DICK DEBARTOLO: [LAUGHS] Yeah, for like 10 bucks. Comes with all the ornaments, and you're set to go. Wear it anywhere. - I love it. DICK DEBARTOLO: All right, so a great thing for the family. Making your own, designing your own ornaments. This is called Treemendous, OK? I'm going to turn it on here. We have a blank ornament in here. The machine comes with three blank ornaments and eight markers. You jump in and make it any color you want. What are you using? Red? - Red. Got some red stripes going. DICK DEBARTOLO: OK, I'm going to go in and make it green. So we have our own little ornament. - Incredible. And they can come out looking like this. DICK DEBARTOLO: Like that. Exactly. So the machine and three ornaments is like 27 bucks. You can also buy it with a box of blank ornaments. I'm going to turn this on. - Fantastic. DICK DEBARTOLO: You love coffee? - I love coffee. I worked the overnight shift. I work the overnight shift. I take as much coffee as I can get. DICK DEBARTOLO: [LAUGHS] - So tell me about this guy. DICK DEBARTOLO: OK, this is from Chefman. This is called the Max+ and this is a very fast coffee maker. I have the previous model. What's great about this is it makes a K-cup in about 90 seconds. But over the old model, you now-- it just comes with a tiny little filter. Now it comes with a filter that takes 3 and 1/2 tablespoons of your own blend. - Incredible. DICK DEBARTOLO: And using the same machine, you can make coffee really fast. We have half a cup already. - That's fantastic. I mean, you could keep this on your desk. Or if you have limited counter space, like most of us do in New York City, anywhere, anyone, is in an apartment, this is a fantastic gift. DICK DEBARTOLO: That's from Chefman. This is great this is from Resoftables This is Keke the Koala. And I love that the box says ages 0 plus. You know, toys always say three and up. - Fantastic. Yeah. DICK DEBARTOLO: 0 plus. Resoftables-- each Resoftable contains 11 plastic water bottles. - Wow. DICK DEBARTOLO: So they're recycling them. There's a bunny. There's a regular teddy bear. - Fantastic. DICK DEBARTOLO: It's just a great idea. - You can give the gift and it's guilt-free, you know. You're helping the environment. Sustainability is at the forefront of everybody's conversation. So this is a good gift to give, and it's nice for the seller, the giver, too. DICK DEBARTOLO: Yes, absolutely. Know what this guy is? - I mean, it looks like you could give me a quick head massage, but I know that's not right. DICK DEBARTOLO: OK, this is the Cork Fish, OK? The Cork Fish is to rescue corks from wine bottle. - Ugh, the worst when that happens. DICK DEBARTOLO: OK, so if it falls in, you catch the cork down in here and you pull it out. But wait, there's more. - There's more? DICK DEBARTOLO: If you've broken the cork up-- oh, it got stuck way up in here-- - That's my fault. DICK DEBARTOLO: --there's a little net. And you spread the net over the fingers down here. And when you pull it up, it'll catch-- - It gets all of the-- DICK DEBARTOLO: --all cork pieces. - Amazing! That is fantastic. Dick-- DICK DEBARTOLO: Corkfish. - --you've it again. And our coffee is ready to go. DICK DEBARTOLO: It's ready to go. - Do mind if I-- DICK DEBARTOLO: No, you can have it. You can have it. - This is great, you guys. For these and other unique holiday gift ideas, check out Dick's website, as well as our own website Dick Debartolo, cheers. DICK DEBARTOLO: Cheers. - Thank you for joining us. You better get back to the North Pole. I know Santa's looking for you. DICK DEBARTOLO: I'm not going without my coffee. - [LAUGHS] OK. All right, you can take this one then.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"The Giz Wiz's Dick Debartolo shows ABC News’ Will Ganss some of this year’s unique holiday gift ideas for everyone on your gift list.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"81580854","title":"Holiday gift ideas","url":"/WNN/video/holiday-gift-ideas-81580854"}