The do's and don'ts of domesticity

From dishes to bedsheets, ABC's Will Ganss breaks down the chores you may have been doing wrong all this time.
2:16 | 05/23/22

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Transcript for The do's and don'ts of domesticity
WILL GANSS: All was calm on the Twitter/household chores front until the LA Times asked one simple question. Do you pre-rinse before putting your dishes in the dishwasher? The responses coming in hotter than a heat dry cycle. Hell no! Directly into the dishwasher. Anyone caught pre-rinsing is given a stern talking-to. Yes! Always! And the results of that poll agree. 59.9% of respondents saying they do pre-rinse. But experts and most dishwasher companies say pre-rinsing is unnecessary. In fact, modern detergents often work better when they have food to cling to. Another recent survey finding that laundry is the most dreaded chore among households across the country. In fact, a recent survey by Made2Match found that a third of men polled have never changed bed sheets period. Problematic considering the Sleep Foundation says most people should wash their sheets once per week. And some people, like pet owners, should wash their sheets more often than that. Some other common practices that you might be doing wrong? Washing raw chicken before cooking it. Experts say that actually might spread harmful microbes. Instead the bird should go right from the package to the pan. And also, keep your sharp knives out of the dishwasher. Repeated cycles can dull the blade. Experts say to carefully hand wash them to keep them sharp and clean. - We'll get to this in a second. But I, like, have my whole chore thing going haywire at home. OK, but that survey that I mentioned by Made2Match also recently found that 53% of men said they have performed a chore badly on purpose in order to not have to do it again. I mean, what's the situation at your homes? - What? I'm pre-rinsing. I don't care. And I'm washing my chicken. - You're a dishwasher unbeliever, too. You don't even use your dishwasher. - Yeah, I was telling Andrea I use it as a drying rack. I hand wash it completely and just dry it. Like, I'm against using the dishwasher. - I learned a lot, Will, in your story. Thank you so much. - You're welcome. - Take your shoes off at the door as well. Thanks, Will.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"From dishes to bedsheets, ABC's Will Ganss breaks down the chores you may have been doing wrong all this time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"84906217","title":"The do's and don'ts of domesticity","url":"/WNN/video/dos-donts-domesticity-84906217"}