In the dog house

Gunther, the world’s richest dog, is selling his Miami mansion for a whopping $31.7 million. ABC’s Andrew Dymburt explains how this is even possible.
2:16 | 11/18/21

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Yes whether it's BMX vikings back flips or pogo sticks. In honor of its very own day Guinness world records is celebrating some of the most wild and wacky record breaking achievements. Yeah. The best in the world highlighting their super skills. American Tyler teeth bill Phillips pogo weighing his way to history jumping over five cabs with a pogo stick in London. It was very tense most pretty confident going into it wanted this for little bit. Then there's British Jim this Ashley Watson. Also breaking this jaw dropping record with the farthest back flip between horizontal bars breaking his own record of nineteen. He three point one inches from record date. World best nineteen feet. I'm so relieved because my friends atomic cannot sedan to Tom political. Always after Honeywell and body found. Kicking her way into the record books is a Venezuelan football priest dialer. Or skilled soccer star for us Americans shattering not one but two records for Guinness day doing the most sit down. Football crossovers in thirty seconds. Says 62. You're counting at home. If you set yourself a goal you can definitely achieve it. Laura beyond note also adding on the list of her alleged world records by completing the most double around the world ball control tricks in one minute for. And stop. China we get this first hand look at the fastest time to pull a car. Fifty meters while walking on hands that's about the length of half a football field it's time we need American football. But one new record might. We believe make your heads being aka hero a keyed up from Japan and pull it off the most BMX type machines in thirty seconds. Okay. Let's talk about 01 off this year over a thousand aspiring record breakers across the globe applied to be the best in the world. If those did you get in there's always next year let's talk some that we didn't get to okay. How about in China they're somebody broke the record for most consecutive break dance air flares that was one of my favorites. And in Australia most cars coupled with teeth that's my favorite how good a fast I don't know also most cars pulled the T you do one that should be to look for.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Gunther, the world’s richest dog, is selling his Miami mansion for a whopping $31.7 million. ABC’s Andrew Dymburt explains how this is even possible.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"81251035","title":"In the dog house","url":"/WNN/video/dog-house-81251035"}