From aviation to slay-viation

This airport worker’s dance moves are turning him into a viral sensation -- even getting attention from Beyoncé! ABC News’ Will Ganss has the details.
3:00 | 08/05/22

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Transcript for From aviation to slay-viation
WILL GANSS: Imagine you're sitting in an airplane waiting to take off, you look out the window and see this. [MUSIC - "LOSE MY BREATH"] (SINGING) Can you keep up? Baby, boy, let me lose my breath. WILL GANSS: You couldn't even be mad if your flight got delayed, right? - Is this why my plane's delayed? And let me address that, it is not. We have nothing to do with that. The ramp has nothing to do with that, America. WILL GANSS: Kevante Tatum is the PTI Airport employee bringing it to the runway. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Forever, I'm that girl. - It gets a little boring in here. So every now and then like, you know, tip out on the ramp, and see what the guys are doing, and put on a little show. WILL GANSS: His videos racking up millions of likes, even catching the attention of Beyoncé herself, who included him in her very first TikTok. - Dropped my phone. I said, hey, guys, I got to miss these next two flights. I got to see what this is about. So I went immediately called my mom. She died, she loved it. [MUSIC "ONE MORE CHANCE"] (SINGING) Biggie, give me one more chance. WILL GANSS: In fact, when it comes to those moves, Kevante got it from his mama. - She had a dance team when I was growing up with her and her two of her best friends. And I would kind of like sneak off on the side and like learn their routines. And she caught me one day. And was like, oh, you've got to be dancing, boy. WILL GANSS: And in the 25 years that followed, Kevante's been dancing every style, everywhere. [MUSIC PLAYING] (RAPPING/SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] right to the left. [INAUDIBLE] future. Renaissance, study my technique. WILL GANSS: And now that his dance moves are really taking off-- - In a dream world, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy are looking at that video. And she tells me that I need to guide the spaceship in on her new music video for "Alien Superstar." I mean, gosh. [LAUGHS] - Please, B, if you're watching this, you heard it here from me. - If you're watching this. Yes. - So Kevante is trained in contemporary and ballet, and many other styles of dance. But lately, he says, his favorite is vogue, which you just saw a lot of, which I think probably has something to do with that new Beyoncé album that just dropped. - Listen, if this is why my flight is delayed, I can live with that. I'm cool with it. - I would fly into-- - In-flight entertainment. - --Greensboro just to see him dance. - Layovers in Greensboro. Yeah, exactly. - This is great. - I would do it, too. - Those dances looked a little complicated. Usually when I dance, I try to keep it plain and simple. - Plain and simple. - And adding the flares, that's just an added bonus. - When he works the night shift, it's even better for the audience, right? Because they light up a little bit. - Yeah, they're almost like glow sticks at the club. - Yep. - Not that I would know. - Yeah, exactly.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"This airport worker’s dance moves are turning him into a viral sensation -- even getting attention from Beyoncé! ABC News’ Will Ganss has the details. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"87989887","title":"From aviation to slay-viation","url":"/WNN/video/aviation-slay-viation-87989887"}