91-year-old crossing guard retires

A crossing guard in New York is finally stepping down after working for 41 years without taking a sick day! ABC’s Will Ganss has her story.
2:18 | 01/25/23

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Transcript for 91-year-old crossing guard retires
- Let's go. REPORTER: She might be small in stature. - Hi, there. - She's actually under 100 pounds and I worry, in the winter when it gets too windy, that she better hold on to a post or blow away. REPORTER: But Louise Kobs has some serious staying power. - My mom is 91. And for years, we would say, hey, mom, you're going to retire soon? And she's like, no. REPORTER: The great grandmother has worked as a school crossing guard for the last 41 years. - We're really happy for her, but sad to see her go. She's a staple of the neighborhood. REPORTER: Family, friends, students, and community members gathering to pay tribute to this local hero. - Sometimes life has a way of making decisions for you. And it just came at the right time. - It's amazing. I'm just so proud of her. REPORTER: Experts say that crossing guards do more than help kids get across the street safely. They also remind drivers to look out for pedestrians. And they help young people develop the skills to, one day, cross streets safely by themselves. Louise says students she helped years ago will roll down their windows as they drive by and thank her for her service. - She crossed me 35 years ago. - She helps us every day. - She always brightens your day. REPORTER: And now in Nassau County, Long Island, where she's kept students safe for more than four decades-- - She never called in sick in 41 years. [APPLAUSE] REPORTER: January 24 will forever be known as Louise T. Kobs Day. - It was the greatest job. I love it very much. REPORTER: A beloved crossing guard, keeping students safe twice a day, every day, for 41 years. - 41 years-- it's a long time. - She's awesome. Because if something happens, she'll always be there. - Oh. Thank you so, so much, honey. Thank you. Thank you so much. - So what's next for Louise? Sleeping in. She's earned it. She also plans to keep herself busy, volunteering at church and with the local police department. - I have a feeling she's not going to be sleeping in. She's a go-getter. She's going to go, go go. - Nothing about her says sleeping in. - 41 years, never called out sick. And I almost called out sick today. - Yeah, I know. I stubbed my toe and I'm like, guys. I don't know. - 91 years strong. Strong Island. - Strong Island. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"A crossing guard in New York is finally stepping down after working for 41 years without taking a sick day! ABC’s Will Ganss has her story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"96655735","title":"91-year-old crossing guard retires","url":"/WNN/video/91-year-crossing-guard-retires-96655735"}