Young climate activists on the fight for Earth

Activists share how they fight climate change ahead of COP26, the 2021 U.N. Climate Change Conference.
3:20 | 11/03/21

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Transcript for Young climate activists on the fight for Earth
As long as we can remembers as we've been going up as a sort of hasn't been treated right so for us there's no other option. The end it's just passing beat teams look at the crises also Gephardt the dissolution. I we have to be there and how to pay happens base of table. And hunger strike just sounded like. Something he needed to do to bring more attention to those and insist that administration still isn't listening to us. This is the earth colleagues to view to defend her. And each and every point of blacks. My answer back hall. Ilyce. Incredibly un. Accident did I remember waking up one days they're really holding room. Worried about my parents McDonald family and friends who have few miles away in just these mountains and only looked at. Dennis it's like nothing had ever seen pulling. And ingest some faint smell alikes and I can tell you that this summer's and lectures from. Turning to enter solar rain and blow my nieces and nephews are gonna say they're my penis. They got it fresh air. Are they going to clean water. Will they be able to go out. We know. What is happening to our planet we know something and say no but it's complicated but we don't want to hurt the economy believed but all of these different things and do what you know in your heart when it comes down to it we know we have to do. I used to mean that is looking at oak cabinet crises let's just looking about one every hour ocean but whether that went and we get legs. Last note about bat I need something. The cabinet crises he Hambrecht and us however and then I went future. He sat weeks. The pain we are going to make ignorance is not being from Arabs in the paint and agent who faces a life that the news. There is no wrong space to be in right now. The work is taking forward in many different ways to talk activism is totally everything in its work being near Pittsburgh needs to die out as a viable reform act. It is. Why should we change and do things if you have a family member in the hospital and you say no we're not Patricio. Or to use of other bad and are you spending time with him in Lebanon this whole process all the way up until the end. Yeah. This will be my first off I am very excited it's absolutely. My job to go into the bear witness to what is happening. And to bring all of that back and say you know what does that mean for us. It's very pleasant eat their salt in the east Macy's to have their real bullies we have to leave their pressure on the warning that it was having no. I know it's kind. It is soon leave our policy in the air as the caretaker. And has many people in our communities saying no. Milan granted the land bones.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Activists share how they fight climate change ahead of COP26, the 2021 U.N. Climate Change Conference.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"80960854","title":"Young climate activists on the fight for Earth","url":"/US/video/young-climate-activists-fight-earth-80960854"}