Inside Mississippi’s last abortion clinic as Supreme Court battle looms

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer goes inside Jackson Women’s Health, the last abortion clinic in Mississippi, as the Supreme Court is set to hear a case that could have national implications.
9:36 | 10/01/21

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Transcript for Inside Mississippi’s last abortion clinic as Supreme Court battle looms
Texas stunned the nation in this month with its near total ban on abortions a Supreme Court case out of Mississippi scheduled for this fall. Could have a far more sweeping impact abortion opponents are calling it the best chance in fifteen years or overturn Roe vs. Wade. Abortion rights advocates warn it could clear the way for every state to write their own abortion bans. Our Devin Dwyer spend 36 hours at the only remaining clinic in Mississippi. For a closer look at the chase and just what's on the line. A sultry summer week date in Jackson Mississippi your bank is not in the bag your writing here from diet. And why put your. Under about doing. Women from across the south arriving just after dawn Bradley good fit your greenback happen. Exercise and a constitutional. Right to abortion. Now under existential threat this throughout the last two remaining abortion clinic in Hollywood study it's the only one the only we have been trying so hard. So hard and have come clutches a couple of times to getting shot Daniel. To its defenders Jackson women's health as a beacon of hope seen more than 200 patients a month roughly 3000 a year. A survivor decades of protests and vandalism the only abortion clinic left in Mississippi. Now waging a legal war to defend a woman's right to choose does this moment. Feel different to you definitely. Kim Gibson is a volunteer escort who helps guide women past protesters at the clinic she says Mississippi's abortion rights case before the Supreme Court. Could be the most consequential. In decades. This is a real grip all of these other things are just tiny hasn't done dumping ground up thousand that is a real thing. But this is a very tangible. Old decision that we know if they make it to overturn roe V day this could be the whole crime perhaps this will this will affect the whole country absolutely. The Texas abruptly blocked most abortions in that state this month. Conservative activists in Mississippi have been laying the legal ground work for a sweeping new national standards. Americans see Mississippi become the first abortion three stories or outlawed for any state in the first half expect. State attorney general win Fitch who's leading the effort that officials from abortion opponents pro life Mississippi in the center for pregnancy choices. Declined to speak with ABC news about their plans. But in court documents Mississippi is defending the ban an abortion after fifteen weeks of pregnancy before fetal viability. And hoping to eradicate fifty years of Supreme Court precedent since Roe vs. Wade I think this is the time. Six conservatives now. Yeah we're praying that they'll be bold enough and strong enough to take a stand stand right. The right side. Well the prayers go off somebody to get inside to Randy Hancock co-founder of the helps keep the path clear for his many women as the clinic can handle it can't come into my ticket goes all right on in honey. The defenders provide physical and moral support to women and the journey from the safety of their cars to the clinic to war. So are you just come out here Eric Wright. We're you gonna come out here and eloquent Hancock says Katie to know demonstrators my name is not just southern hospitality. You have to know who these people are. So you know what their limits are because he's on our side must be intimidated by patients and thank god for that happened so you know you can brain. To get rid of abortion anywhere. Bible says Stanley and they general Colin. Keith Dalton is one of the regulars outside Jackson women's health he's a pastor of a local church father of five self described former punk rocker. Let's hear about it as leaders the next. Obviously anomaly and the marchers. Probably needs and our fallen out but. Sentiment indicator because owls once she found an accident. I was raised southern Baptist rooted in the last I mean you type to stand and everyone inside the clinic is Christian thanks Melissa unhealthy. I only apply pamphlets will be at 8 AM. Sharon brewer at Jackson needed the mother of six has been the clinic's director for over a decade. From her office often waiting room she keeps constant watch on the protesters. And the clinics compliance with strict state abortion laws I guess I don't have an issue with somebody who is against abortion you know I only heard mincemeat. So management risks are nothing worth having comes easy. I believe it. Truly believe it and this place says mainly believe that any U more. On the day we visited staff were preparing for five scheduled surgical abortions in thirty medication abortions for low got a comment. Total fat to give. Most women here terminate their pregnancies with appeal. The drug mifepristone administered in the office than a second drug course of my soap hostile is taken at home. We cannot be an abortion the first visit they have to scheduled appointment to convict in 24 hours. But the issue is since our doctors a come from out of town. If the if that pacing comes on our doctors last day the patient has to wait a whole week to come back for their second. Our top is a nation even Nielsen marketing decision anyhow it's. In the waiting room we found relief an anxious anticipation. Twenty year old Aaliyah who asked not to give her real name told the she's fourteen weeks pregnant and it came in kind of wish to actually. But I feel like I have been well informed it is will this taken care of they include in the village of Vinci patient 27 year old Aron who also asked not used to relieve these ten weeks pregnant. He drove two hours for her appointment Allison was more places like this closer you know if karma. Everywhere. In 1996 when the clinic opened women had access to abortion care in nearly a dozen facilities across Mississippi but a cascade of onerous state laws gradually forced many of those clinics to close. By 2006. Jackson women's health was the only clinic laughed and in 2013. It was nearly forced to shut down. Before a federal court blocked a hospital admitting privileges law that would have left the clinic without any doctors. They want a safe legal abortions now you have safe legal abortions. Never guess what you gonna throw all of their way to turn around and have. Unsafe illegal abortions. And you and women dying women showing up at the hospital. Women here emerging when in fixes this would you I have. A lawyer for Mississippi told us off camera that the State's position is that the Supreme Court got Roe vs. Wade egregiously wrong. And there's no fundamental right to abortion in the text of the constitution. The state tells the justices in court documents that longstanding precedent his damage the democratic process poisoned our national discourse in plagued the law. Mississippi also argues that a lot has changed since the 1973 decision. Adoption is accessible and on a wide scale women attainable professional success in a rich family life contraceptives are more available and effective. It scientific advances showed that an unborn child is taken on the human form and features months before viability. The State's attorneys argue states should be able to act on those developments do you think about the justice system in and you think that Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death sort of cleared the way for this. I can't think about the people that are only there but I'm not quite sure these people actually want to be remembered for. Over time. Throughout the pandemic and has the legal battle heats up the flow of women seeking out abortion at Jackson women's health discontinued nonstop someone then. Of all ages you know have to make this. Difficult decision and I life Nicole who's eight weeks pregnant told us in abortion is not something she or any woman want to half. But that having the choice is critical I did have other children. But I have also lost a child. And so. Having a child passed away at health issues. You don't want to bring. Your skinny bird. You don't know if they're gonna have that problem. And you don't know if they're gonna need medical help them if something that you know you can take a lend. This is stop something that my husband and I are ready for. We're just not ready yet. How great it was are. We don't win as a people as women as as you know pro choice people how great are we really don't. If you do we're Dong was there open. A pivotal moment for a movement and for women on the front lines for years ago eyes. Has this ability to make the best choice for me which was to have an abortion. And I think that. Over the years people had just gotten I guess who places expecting that. Well be weighed and legal abortion will always be available to them you've seen a lot of these legal battles was the right there. This is the one that does. There will still be at sense reflected in the where they're work. For ABC news I'm Devin Dwyer in Jackson Mississippi. The debate rages on our thanks to DeVon for that report the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in the Mississippi case in December. I will hand down a decision by the end of June next year.

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{"duration":"9:36","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer goes inside Jackson Women’s Health, the last abortion clinic in Mississippi, as the Supreme Court is set to hear a case that could have national implications. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"80346311","title":"Inside Mississippi’s last abortion clinic as Supreme Court battle looms","url":"/US/video/inside-mississippis-abortion-clinic-supreme-court-battle-looms-80346311"}