Feel Good Friday: College student makes lunches for parents

A college student goes viral on TikTok for making picture perfect lunches for her parents.
3:13 | 01/14/22

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Transcript for Feel Good Friday: College student makes lunches for parents
- It is time for Feel Good Friday, where we bring you a little good news heading into the weekend. And today, it's all about one college student who is going viral on TikTok for packing her parents' lunches. That is right. You may be used to your parents filling that lunchbox of yours, but Georgia Goodrum actually makes picture perfect lunches for her parents. And she has recently stepped up her game, by the way. Georgia joins me now. And from what I understand, a very small village somewhere there in England. Very hard to describe or even find on a map. I'm just glad we found you, Georgia. Tell us what made you want to start making lunches for your mom and dad. - Hi. So yeah, I started making them when I was a bit younger. So maybe sort of 12, and like my early years of secondary school. But that was more just because it was one of my chores. So all I'd do is like a sandwich and crisps. Nothing, you know, exciting. But over lock down, I started seeing other content creators sort of make really fun lunches for their kids. So I thought I'd have a go at making some more like adult, like content for like lunches and food that would fill up an adult rather than kids. And so I started making them for my parents. - Amazing. I mean, what a great lesson for all of us parents. You know, have your kids start making their lunches early on, and then they can take care of us as they grow up. So when you started making these lunches for your parents, what was their reaction? What did they say to you? - I mean, they love it. They love finding out like what they're getting on the next day. So they won't watch my videos if it's something that they're having for lunch the next day. They like a surprise. And my mom works at a school as well. So when we weren't in lockdown and she was back at school, the children in her class got really excited sort of finding out what she had in her lunchbox each day. - I love it. A classroom lesson. So tell me how you've expanded their palette. What are some of their favorite meals that you have made for them? - I know that some of their favorites are sort of like the-- I made like mini tacos and things like that, where they can sort do it themselves once they get there. So I sort of put all the ingredients, and then they sort of build it themselves. But I also try to give them things that they don't necessarily like. So I know that my dad didn't like avocado at all. And then I sort of tried it in a new way, and he actually ended up really liking it after I'd given it-- I think I gave him it in like a bacon and avocado sandwich, and he actually really liked it. - That sounds yum. Bacon avocado sandwich. You're making me hungry. All right, tell me where you get your recipe ideas and inspiration. - Honestly, most of the time, I just see what we've got in the cupboard, stand around for a bit in the kitchen, and then try and make something out of it. I just love trying new things and putting things together that you wouldn't necessarily expect to go together. - Well, I'll tell you what, your random acts of kindness are just beautiful, Georgia. Every child should give back to their parents like this. Thank you so much for being with us. And continue to make those videos. OK? We're watching them. - Thank you. Thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"A college student goes viral on TikTok for making picture perfect lunches for her parents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"82274675","title":"Feel Good Friday: College student makes lunches for parents","url":"/US/video/feel-good-friday-college-student-makes-lunches-parents-82274675"}