Boil water order in Austin impacting businesses

Restaurants and cafes are struggling amid a boil water order in the Austin, Texas, area.
1:18 | 02/07/22

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Transcript for Boil water order in Austin impacting businesses
- Coffee-- many of us drink it every single morning. And we know it's mostly water. That's why Malone's Specialty Coffee goes through over 100 gallons of water a day. PAUL MALONE: We fully stock all of the food trucks up for the weekend. So luckily, we have water reserves on the trucks until the end of this weekend. - Thankfully, Paul Malone's four shops had reserves ahead of the city of Austin's boil water notice. But because a coffee shop uses up a lot of water, soon he'll need more. The most time efficient solution is to drive up north. PAUL MALONE: But we are planning to run and grab water from the Round Rock water supply. - So all of the coffee you're going to try is fresh roasted. - Malone has three coffee shop trailers and one brick and mortar location. At the brick and mortar location, they've lost about 40% of business Sunday, because some of their machines are directly connected to Austin's water system. PAUL MALONE: We've had to shut our espresso machine down until I can bring in an external pump. And then we'll pump water to the espresso machine, so. But all of our cold brew-- we're selling a lot of cold brew right now, because that's something we brewed at the end of last week. - This is Malone's third water boil notice here in Austin, so he knows how to respond. Thankfully, he's looking at the bright side of things. PAUL MALONE: I'm going to be hauling it back in 5-gallon jugs. So I'll be getting some exercise today.

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{"duration":"1:18","description":"Restaurants and cafes are struggling amid a boil water order in the Austin, Texas, area.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"82724565","title":"Boil water order in Austin impacting businesses","url":"/US/video/boil-water-order-austin-impacting-businesses-82724565"}