Ring doorbell videos accessible to employees: FTC

The FTC alleges that Ring didn't notify consumers of the broad access to cameras.
2:19 | 06/01/23

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ring doorbell videos accessible to employees: FTC
- Amazon is preparing to pay a huge fine over allegations the company violated privacy laws with its Ring doorbell cameras and Alexa voice assistant ABC's Andrea Fujii has the details. ANDREA FUJII: This morning Amazon agreeing to pay more than $30 million after being accused of using Alexa and Ring doorbell cameras to collect voice and video data on adults and kids. - Alexa, it's game day. - Streaming football on Prime Video. - It's like she can-- - --read your mind. ANDREA FUJII: The Federal Trade Commission says Amazon sacrificed privacy for profits and that it unlawfully stored voice recordings, geolocation information, and video for years. - I'm disappointed that, and I feel like Amazon has broken their word and their promise to parents and consumers. ANDREA FUJII: According to the complaint, Amazon promises customers it will delete users' data upon request. But until September 2019, Amazon is accused of keeping children's Alexa voice recordings indefinitely, unless a parent actively deleted them. And even when Amazon did erase it, the company often kept the transcripts, violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. - Their goal is to sell more products and services to consumers. And so all of this data and vast amounts of data is ultimately being leveraged for that purpose. ANDREA FUJII: With Ring, the FTC claims the company lacked basic security protections, allowing employees access to customers' videos and allowing hackers to gain access to more than 55,000 accounts. HACKER: What's up, homie? I still see you. ANDREA FUJII: Amazon claims they never violated the law, saying, "Our devices and services are built to protect customers' privacy and to provide customers with control over their experience." Tech experts say this ruling sends a message to all tech companies. - If you're a technology company and you're telling consumers that you're gonna hold their data private, that that's the expectation that you'll be doing exactly that. That you'll keep your word. - Under a federal court order, which a judge must approve, Amazon has agreed to delete inactive child accounts with saved voice and geolocation data. And they must delete Ring data prior to acquiring the company back in 2018.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"The FTC alleges that Ring didn't notify consumers of the broad access to cameras.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"99751790","title":"Ring doorbell videos accessible to employees: FTC","url":"/Technology/video/ring-doorbell-videos-accessible-employees-ftc-99751790"}