Youngest White House advisor in US history speaks at COP26

Jerome Foster, the keynote speaker at the C0P26 Summit, highlights the importance of climate activism and the impact such work will have on future generations.
5:26 | 11/03/21

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Transcript for Youngest White House advisor in US history speaks at COP26
Well millions of Jens ears. Have been at the forefront of the climate activist movement like my next guest also Jerome Foster the second. He's a leading voice for black and indigenous disability in climate activism. Acting as the executive director and the international youth advocacy nonprofit organization. Called one million of us we are thrilled to have you with us Jerome you've been very busy meeting with world leaders we finally got she today. Well. It was good to be here. Well look at Utah Jazz spoke at the UN does it say it was science conference and you were also a keynote speaker at cop 26 so. What did you ask of your world leaders. Absolutely so Capri six they're really pivotal moment for immunity because. This is the last best hope for us to make tens of what systemic change. Really a reality there's so are optimistic there's been great speeches there's been big promises. But the focus now is on implementation. Strategy easy harmonize our society our economy and in the course that we live in parent I think they environment. That's really what cut through six is really bogus on this year's also have been so that we meet that target. And and then in the fastest time on the spot. City US said that what is your biggest goals was to man to demand to is that to end a fossil fuel a subsidies and this is your tweet you said. Money and greed will not dictate what happens here at this conference that power of our movement will. Why do you believe this is so crucial to combating climate change Curome. Absolutely we concerts start talking about really looks kind of justice is all about. It's about making sure that not just stopping that mission Nazi salute particles the meetings are communities are sees. And it happened indefinitely due to actions transition to clean energy. But right now speed and he has no chance because. US government in because there on the world are using our tax dollars to go to subsidize coal and oil which is showing us is dead why not Howard government's. I do the fun dissolution Zelnick ask reed thin air have access to Clearwire and access to a and he didn't land that's why demand is the key on the minute we have received movement ever pushing so hard correct here and exits. Certainly use are really leading this climate movement to create a better life for all generations. What do you think is at stake and why do you think every generation should care. And who was your inspiration. Headed to headed to even build a passion for the Strom. Right now really what is mobilizing its movement in then why some young people have been. Joining us is because of the fact that we have such a tight timeline and that as a young person I grew up with a feeling. Anxiety feeling. The disappointment and in the past few decades of inaction but thirty years he's been begging people to take an action seriously. But then and now Campbell comments that the picture and we start demanding change massive level then they start. Just between watching and make it seem like a nation's changed and that's that's why don't like is because we're demanding. Clear actions clear targets clear implementation for our feature. Ended seven and younger will organize the best record when a team and is it's been two years and endemic and we're still here. That shows the young people care never you can see mobilizing until we get if you'd be good feature. Well you are the youngest ever White House advisor. In US history serving on the White House environmental justice advisory council within the bite administration. With your help so what are you hoping for for the future what what is that what is your set goal. When I won't quit each year is that we first pass this they went actually enough infrastructure deal with these be fully funded. And then next to make sure that we rude ourselves ended equity injustice and not just into you to talk about. Com day continual and eight collision but it ends ideology of Linda's extraction. Willie what kind of justice movement is asking where is part time heated sheen's friends and not just focus on the list grow and it is continual exploitation. But to ourselves and equity we ourselves any visa and beat nation across the world can stand as a consultant at a crisis in ABC. Right now speaking with the president of Maldives is talking about how homes in the underwater. In the next decades. Originally backed into dot five indict happens at 2100. But that is happening right now the credit crisis is not something at injured is something that's destabilizing millions and millions of people. And that's why fighting in join is that this administration to show that young people care net billions and our people across the world militants the United States to be a leader. And to be the leading global country. L stand up and protect people. That's what this administration is all about and that's what president Biden instead of by his administration behind is behind climate justice. I have my kids grow up to be his passion is you about something that's so important. To our planet right now drum Fossett a second thanks so much for inspiring work as that climate crisis hero we sure appreciate you. Are you.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"Jerome Foster, the keynote speaker at the C0P26 Summit, highlights the importance of climate activism and the impact such work will have on future generations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"80957154","title":"Youngest White House advisor in US history speaks at COP26","url":"/Politics/video/youngest-white-house-advisor-us-history-speaks-cop26-80957154"}