Wyoming secretary of state on high-stakes election

Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Buchanan joins ABC News Live to discuss the key races in his state and the impact of false election fraud allegations.
5:08 | 08/16/22

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Transcript for Wyoming secretary of state on high-stakes election
- Had the chance to speak with Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Buchanan about the Cheney primary and the impact of continued false allegations of election fraud. Take a listen. - I think it is very dangerous to our democracy. Obviously, if our citizens don't have the absolute trust and confidence in their governmental institutions in running their elections, then in my mind nothing else really matters. And so to combat that narrative, I've traveled around the state, sharing and educating the public on the processes we undertake here in the Wyoming Secretary of State's office to ensure that our elections are fair and that they're secure and that they can count on the results that we receive. - And looking at Liz Cheney's race against Trump-endorsed candidate Harriet Hageman, who are you endorsing and why? ED BUCHANAN: In the Secretary of State's office, although this is an elected office, I try to as the state's chief election officer, I don't give out endorsements. And part of that is is because as the state's chief elections officer, I want everybody, whether or not they're Republican or Democrat, to know that we operate our elections in Wyoming in an apolitical fashion when it comes to the administration of those elections both in my office and at the county clerk level. And so I don't make endorsements in races for that reason. - I understand it would be taboo for a Secretary of State to endorse or make an endorsement. But I still had to try and ask you just because it's a race that everyone is watching there in your state. Assuming Liz Cheney loses her primary, which she's expected to do based on most of the polling in this race, what will that tell you about the state of the Republican Party? - Well, I just think in Wyoming, that will simply tell you whether or not citizens want folks to concentrate more on things that are on a national level or in Washington, DC or whether or not they prefer candidates who stick closer to home and Wyoming issues. And so, really, I think that's the choice between voters. I'm certainly not opining on one or the other. But I think that's basically what that race has boiled down to is Wyoming issues or national issues. - And we watch the Congresswoman Cheney turn into a pariah in your state after her criticism of the former President. Wyoming's Republican Party voted to censure Cheney. And House Republicans removed her from the leadership. Do you need to be a Trump supporter to be elected in Wyoming? - I think certainly Wyoming has a fondness for Donald Trump. And it certainly doesn't hurt if you have the former President's endorsement or if you share a lot of the same ideologies. However, I don't think that that's an absolute prerequisite to hold office in Wyoming. Wyoming voters are free thinkers. They're independent folks. But they are conservative really across the board. And so I think that general conservatism that you see out of Wyoming voters is really what you see when you look at the Congressional race. - And what's it like getting all this attention for your primary? - It hasn't been too bad. I think that it is driving up turnout, which is always a good thing. We always want to see greater participation in our elections. This one so far is approaching some pretty good numbers for a non-presidential election year. And I think that's in large part due to the popularity, if you will, of that particular congressional race. But overall, it hasn't been too bad or anything that was unexpected. - And Secretary, can you talk about what's next for you. I know that you said you were going to seek reelection and then you decided not to. And I understand you have aspirations for a seat on a judicial bench. - Yeah. Thanks, Kenneth. I was appointed by Governor Gordon to be a district court judge in my hometown. That will start later this year. And that was an opportunity that arose after I had announced my re-election. Was something I had not expected, but was also something that I had always wanted to pursue. And so I'm happy that I had the opportunity to pursue that and happy to report that I was appointed to that position. And so that's why then I chose not to run for re-election as Wyoming Secretary of State. KENNETH MOTON: Gotcha. Well, best of luck to you. Thank you for your time. And good luck on this election day. Secretary of State Edward Buchanan, thank you. - Thank you, Kenneth. It's been my pleasure.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Buchanan joins ABC News Live to discuss the key races in his state and the impact of false election fraud allegations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"88457057","title":"Wyoming secretary of state on high-stakes election","url":"/Politics/video/wyoming-secretary-state-high-stakes-election-88457057"}