Early Facebook investor discusses Trump's executive order on social media

Early Facebook investor Roger McNamee breaks down President Donald Trump’s executive order, and calls for more regulation of social media companies.
4:19 | 05/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Early Facebook investor discusses Trump's executive order on social media
And for more now let's bring in Roger McNamee early FaceBook investor in co-founder of Elevation Partners runner thanks so much for being here. Lindsay it's a pleasure sir you've been very critical of tech companies FaceBook in particular what do you make of this executive order of the president likened twitters moved to silencing her editing your phone calls you think that that's fair to say. No it's it's complete and utter nonsense and I can't believe the president really wants to do anything other than shift the attention away from the 100000 people who died culprit nineteenth and the reason is because social media it's the best essence of his political strategy I mean. He's he plays them like a stradivarius. And you know. I think what's really going on here is that he is very successfully created to distraction at the press and other policy makers and the public. Have moved to so that we're not talking as much. About how many people have died and it's worked very very well. If you're gonna fact check his two reason why not so many others it can also contained false or misleading information and who here is right. And the problem would this is that the implication is that if you do not fact check a tweet. Then that one must be true and in this particular context there are falsehoods in. So much of what you see I'm on social media I mean do real issue here and I think the Mark Zuckerberg piece of this is early port. Because markets taking a position it's a different from Twitter he's basically saying we're going to be completely hands off which isn't actually true but that's what he's saying and at the end of the day Lindsey the problem we have a citizen's is that social media is designed to grab our attention. And the way it does that it's it shares the contest most likely to provoke our emotions. That turns out to be eight speech. Disinformation. And conspiracy theories are so those things get promoted by the algorithms to get amplified in in the process. They essentially drown out the facts and what's really wrong at FaceBook thing that I think we should be focused on today is that. We have somehow converted a pandemic which is a national health disaster into an element of the culture war. This does not help anything people are dying because of this and social media it's essentially the way that this has happened. And frankly I think Mark Zuckerberg has a letter explained duke and neither of the people who interviewed him asked that question I think that was a big big failure. Hey you've called for more regulation for social media companies like Twitter and FaceBook why they need. This regulation in what would that looked like. Solidity here's the issue that would point to in 1960 we begin regulating chemical companies which. At that time would like Internet companies say we're the fastest growing most proper outcome Zeke. But they were spewing toxic fumes into the atmosphere where people lived. They were pouring Mercury in the French Quarter and dumping toxic chemicals everywhere and not paying the cost and what we have what social media is that they undermine. Democracy by basically making it impossible to have a good debate they amplified the most negative signals shall minorities have a disproportionate or voice. And then relative to public health they've essentially cause. The response to a pandemic to be political. So that people are wearing masks because they view it is somehow in conflict with their political risk which is unbelievably dangerous and none of that would be true without Internet and here's the point. I agree with Mark Zuckerberg we do know one Internet platforms deciding what her facts were not we also don't want them without business model. It amplifies. Hate speech disinformation conspiracy theories of the problem isn't that the president lice or there is false information about cold actually sit back. Kind of contact. I'm FaceBook and you two onions to grab on Twitter gets amplified. Such that it drowns out the facts and that undermines our society and tech is too important. To let it go forward doing so much harm. So like the chemical industry in 1960 like the pharmaceutical industry 1906. What the building trades after the great fires we need to recognize importance of the industry and use regulation to make sure it serves the interest of the country. Our Roger McNamee really a pleasure Daniel Michelle thank you so much for me great pleasure Lindsey thanks for having.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Early Facebook investor Roger McNamee breaks down President Donald Trump’s executive order, and calls for more regulation of social media companies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"70941587","title":"Early Facebook investor discusses Trump's executive order on social media","url":"/Politics/video/early-facebook-investor-discusses-trumps-executive-order-social-70941587"}