How to rock the puffer coat in the peak of winter

Good Housekeeping’s style director Lori Bergamotto reveals the hottest puffers that are all under $100.
4:15 | 01/14/22

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to rock the puffer coat in the peak of winter
- We turn now to our Fashion Forecast for 2022. It is cold out there, so naturally puffer coats are blowing up this season. Good Housekeeping Style Director, our friend, Lori Bergamotto has all the hottest pufffers, and they are all under $100. Just point your cell phone camera at the QR code and go right to the jackets. Lori, you got your puffer on. I wore my gigantic one in this morning because it is cold out here. Tell us what we need to know if we're keeping in-- what we need to keep in mind if we're shopping for one this season. - Good morning, Cecilia. That's right, puffers are huge right now. So three things you need to know when you're shopping. You're looking for insulation. Everybody knows that down coats are really warm, but they can also be really expensive. So you want to look down alternatives, things like polyester. That'll keep the price low but your body temperature high. You're also looking for material. Nylon finishes are the most durable and water resistant. And the fit really matters. You want to be able to layer underneath, but keep it snug so you keep all that cold air out. MICHAEL STRAHAN: Cold air out, heat in, Lori. And let's get started with this cropped puffer. Tell us about it. - That's right, Michael, it's all about a cropped puffer. I have this one here from Nordstrom in this Black ripple tide. And I believe in the studio, you guys have the red one-- which, fun fact, according to global shopping service Klarna, red puffers are up 149% just from last month. So if you see a red one, you're going to want to buy it. This one's great because it has a drawstring on the bottom. So like I said with fit, it's going to keep that cold air out and the warmth in. CECILIA VEGA: Michael loves himself a cropped puffer. [LAUGHS] Lori, tell us about the jackets with the shine. These are ice-- keep seeing these in the store. They are popular this year. - That's right, Cecilia. It's all about the wet look. And we're obsessed with this one from Target. You guys have a yellow one, I believe, in the studio. And I have this berry one here. And what's so great about this puffer-- and all of them really-- is that you can get an amazingly warm puffer for an incredible price. You do not need to spend a lot of money. These are under $30. They're cropped and the style is great. What's not to love? MICHAEL STRAHAN: What is not to love. And when the temperatures drop, you need a longer coat. So it's this one that you have here going to keep us warm? - It sure is. So this one is from Amazon. These start around $79. And of course, cropped is cute, we love that. But if you want something that's really warm, this one will keep you super cozy. And Michael, we also love that it comes with a belt, because puffers can sometimes get out of control. This lets you have a waist and it has a removable faux fur hood. MICHAEL STRAHAN: Oh, wow. - So it's a great price, again. CECILIA VEGA: You had me at that hood there, Lori. All right, they're not just for the ladies. We're roping in your husband, Nick. I'm told we've got him in a puffer. Let's see. Where is he? What do the guys need to know if they're shopping for puffers? - That's right, Cecilia! CECILIA VEGA: [LAUGHS] Hi, Nick. - OK, so ladies, we all know that Uniqlo is like the gold standard. It's a premium down at a reasonable price. This one has a dual construction. Nick looks great in it. And it's really lightweight, so it's going to keep him warm. But it's not too much volume, which I know he loves. You love this, right? - Fantastic. [LAUGHTER] - And again, that price, Cecilia, all of these are really affordable. You do not need to spend a lot of money to stay warm all winter long. MICHAEL STRAHAN: And Nick woke up early to get one word, fantastic. I like it. [LAUGHTER] And Lori, for a lot of people out there looking for deals, should you buy now or should you wait? - So Michael, great question. As soon as we see a dip in prices-- and a lot of these are great deals-- we're also going to see a dip in inventory, and sizing, and color. So if you see a puffer that you love this weekend, snap it up. Because again, the prices will drop in February, but there is no guarantee they'll have your color or your size. MICHAEL STRAHAN: All right, Lori Bergamotto, thank you as always. And thank Nick for us. We appreciate that. - Bye, guys. - All right, you guys. See you later. Have a great weekend. Good Housekeeping's latest issue is available on newsstands now. Don't forget to shop these coats using the QR code on your screen or go to

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Good Housekeeping’s style director Lori Bergamotto reveals the hottest puffers that are all under $100. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"82262747","title":"How to rock the puffer coat in the peak of winter","url":"/GMA/Style/video/rock-puffer-coat-peak-winter-82262747"}