Top vacuum picks to kick-start your spring cleaning

“GMA” lifestyle contributor Lori Bergamotto highlights top-rated vacuums, from handhelds to robots, sticks and those best at picking up pet fur and more.
3:50 | 03/24/23

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Transcript for Top vacuum picks to kick-start your spring cleaning
[MUSIC PLAYING] - It is Friday, and that means it's time for The Right Stuff. Lifestyle contributor, Lori Bergamot, or Lori B as we call her, is back to help us streamline our shopping. And this morning, we're kickstarting our spring cleaning with the best vacuums. You can go right to these products by scanning the QR code on your screen. Lori, good morning to you. And we're going to start with this little hand back here. This is for someone living in small spaces. - It is, but it's really for anyone. So this is our best handheld. It's the 20-volt Black + Decker Lithium. We're going to let you demo this, Michael, because I know you like to keep it neat. Look at that. - I won't do it all because I want you to talk. - All right, thank you. It's compact. It's really agile. What people love about this one is its strong suction power. So even though it's tiny, it's really mighty. Kind of like me, Michael. - Yes. [LAUGHTER] - It's under $100. - Tiny but mighty. - So we love that one. - Now this one's about versatility, long-lasting quality, right? - Exactly. So this is the Shark Navigator, and what people love about this is can see that it has something for the hard floor and for the carpet, right? Oh, look at us. And then you're able to really get any direction here. - Yeah. - The other thing that's great about this, it has LED headlights. Have you ever vacuumed with headlights on? - No. - It's terrifying the first time because you see everything you've missed. But then every other time, no dust gets left behind. This is just an incredible, incredible machine. - Yeah. I've driven without headlights. That's scary too. OK, what about this? This does all the work for you. - Yes. Oh, you like this one. - Yeah, I like this one. - OK, so convenience, thy name is Roomba. This is a robot vac. You can actually set this up in the morning. You can use an app, or you can even voice activate with it. It does an imprint mapping technology around your home so you can just leave the house, come back, and it's clean. How incredible is that? - Well, that is insane. Eddie, you stay away from this one. I might just pull you out of my house. Get out of there. Clean it up. - We love that Roomba. That's the I3 model. - And what is this one for? - OK, so this is the Dyson. This is our best stick vac. So I'm going to take this thing out of here that Gary built for us. There we go. Thank you very much. Need a little help there. OK. So there you go. It's super lightweight, but it's also really powerful. And Dyson has sort of become synonymous with this sort of thing. Thank you. And it's cordless. It holds its charge a long time. It also comes with three different attachments, so you can really pick up everything, everywhere all at once. - Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, that sounds familiar. - Yes. - And this, pet owners shedding cats, shedding dogs. - Your dog Enzo does-- - No, he doesn't shed. - OK. - That's one reason that he's my dog. [LAUGHTER] - Well, if he did this is the vacuum that you would want. So this is the Bissell Pet Eraser Turbo. The name Pet Eraser is actually in here because it takes all that hair right away. It's actually designed, and it got high marks from reviewers for the thoughtful design because sometimes if you have long hair, even like me. I don't have a pet, but I have long hair and I shed sometimes, Michael, and the roller can stymie the system with all of that hair. And you're like, oh, now I need a new vacuum. This is designed so that it doesn't do that. And another thing that we loved about this is don't have to touch any of the debris. You just press the button, and it automatically you can get rid of it. And every time you buy a Bissell product, it goes to help a homeless pet. - Oh wow. - All good things, and this one is actually under $225 at Walmart. - That is awesome. But you know what I think about when I look at it? - What. - It looks like Buzz Lightyear. [LAUGHTER] - Oh, well. - Look at the color and everything. - To infinity and beyond for cleaning. [LAUGHTER] Michael, what can we say? - You got them all. What a good teammate, Lori. I love it. All right, thank you. Thank you. Of course, and you can shop these products by scanning the QR code, or heading to our website

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"“GMA” lifestyle contributor Lori Bergamotto highlights top-rated vacuums, from handhelds to robots, sticks and those best at picking up pet fur and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"98095202","title":"Top vacuum picks to kick-start your spring cleaning","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/top-vacuum-picks-kick-start-spring-cleaning-98095202"}