How the supply chain crisis is affecting your Christmas list

Desperate parents are turning to bots to get shopping done in time for Christmas.
2:38 | 12/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How the supply chain crisis is affecting your Christmas list
- To the supply chain crisis and how it's affecting your Christmas list. Shortages of popular toys leading some parents to turn to unconventional shopping methods. ABC'S Deirdre Bolton is here with more. Deirdre, good morning. - Good morning. Well, experts say that tech savvy people are creating automated computer programs or bots to purchase popular toys and other products online with the intent of selling them at a much higher price for the holiday season. DEIRDRE BOLTON: It's one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year and the clock is ticking to get some of those must-have gifts. - Parents go to any lengths to get their kids what they want for Christmas. DEIRDRE BOLTON: With the supply chain crunch and ships sitting off our coasts, some products are scarce, leading to more bot activity than ever. - These bots are so much faster than you and I are. And so if you've had this experience, if you're after something that's very popular, and you've seen it in stock, you may have tried. You've gotten it into your cart. And then suddenly, it's snatched away from you at the last minute. That is all these bots working. DEIRDRE BOLTON: And the price gouge on these resale products not in the Christmas spirit. One collector sees the pricing pressure firsthand when looking for a special Pokemon anniversary item. - Retails for $120 and you'll see it on eBay for over 300, even $600 even. So it's insane. DEIRDRE BOLTON: The bots are fast, but you can use social media to stay one click ahead. - The reason why you have to use social media is because the key to buying these consoles is to knowing when the retailer's restock. DEIRDRE BOLTON: You need to be early in the digital line to be ready. Experts say turn on push notifications for social media accounts that announce new item availability and releases. Another tip: join rewards or insider programs at a well-known retailer. They will fill your order as soon as possible. - Retailers are working very hard to give human beings their level shot. DEIRDRE BOLTON: The resale practices used by bots aren't illegal, but experts say buyer beware if thinking of purchasing with one. - If you buy a PlayStation through a bot, what happens if it breaks? What are your return rights? How do you file a warranty claim? Think about those things as well? - Mike also told me if you're still going to go ahead anyway and buy with a bot, protect yourself as much as possible. So ask your credit card company to issue a one time credit card number. Use a one time password, not one that you use anywhere else for the transaction. Just separate yourself from your identity as much as possible. Back to you guys. - Wow. This is where we are now. Bots for gift buying. OK. - It's that serious and intense-- [LAUGHING] --for kids, as you guys again-- - Yep, yep. - --would know, with having kids yourself.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Desperate parents are turning to bots to get shopping done in time for Christmas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"81567184","title":"How the supply chain crisis is affecting your Christmas list","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/supply-chain-crisis-affecting-christmas-list-81567184"}