Spring sparkle outfits

Lori Bergamotto is here with a range of looks across the sparkle spectrum and members of our "GMA" family are helping to model the latest fashions.
4:32 | 03/27/23

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Transcript for Spring sparkle outfits
- We are bringing the sparkle this morning. Rebecca, it's all about sparkle for spring. Even Taylor Swift is lighting up the stage on her "Eras" Tour. So this morning, Lori B is here with a range of looks to add a little sparkle to your life. What did you say, to glam your glitter, to-- - Yeah, the gauge of glitter, meters of-- - It's on overdrive right here. We're going to tell you how to do it with members of our GMA family, staff, kids. They're helping us out by modeling the looks. You can scan the QR code right there on your screen and shop as we go. I love that. And thank you for bringing the glam this morning. - It's sparkle season. - It is sparkle season, and you're doing a little sort of Stevie Nicks. - Yes, this is my Daisy Jones and the Six era, I'm entering it. But this really is sparkle season. And I love that we've been preconditioned to think it's just for holiday. - Yes. - It's not. We're here to say, it's not. It's a huge trend right now. You mentioned Taylor Swift. We're also going to see it on the runway. So guys, get on board because it's sparkle time. - And we're going to take the meter into overdrive. But we're going to start with just a little shimmer. Our first model now, Faryn, come on out. LORI BERGAMOTTO: So we're going to start low on our sparkle spectrum with Faryn. LARA SPENCER: Yes Faryn. LORI BERGAMOTTO: So this is great for like a Saturday, you're running errands. Faryn is in a sparkly T-shirt. This is that soft sparkle from the gap. Really affordable. You want to balance that out with just like a regular pair of jeans. You don't need to go sparkle head to toe. - But I like the little shimmer in the Birkinstock. - Exactly. And so those Birkinstocks are from Nordstrom. That metallic is huge right now. You're going to want to get those early because they are selling out fast. So we love that, and then it plays off the metallic tote from Antrhopologie. That leather woven tote and that's something-- LARA SPENCER: So you're just saying, just a little bit here and there. That's for day. And then also we're not leaving out our furry friends, Ellie Moo-- LORI BERGAMOTTO: We can't leave out Ellie Moo. The star of GMA, Ellie Moo. So we have her in those little rhinestone harness and she just looks adorable, and that just adds like those little pops of sparkle that are really fun for the season. And everything you're seeing there, really affordable. So definitely check it out. LARA SPENCER: Well done, both of you. Thank you, Faryn. Thank you, Ellie Moo. Roshni is really-- I love this. It might be my favorite. Yeah. - We're going to move the sparkle meter. - Sparkle meter. OK. So we went from mild to medium with Roshni. Come on out, Roshni. Let's get that sparkle going. I love this. LORI BERGAMOTTO: Sparkle doesn't have to be for something fancy. It can be for working out. LARA SPENCER: It's great. LORI BERGAMOTTO: So this is a Beach Riot collaboration with Revolve. The leggings and she has a little sports bra. We gave her a little jacket, because morning TV. LARA SPENCER: Come on now. LORI BERGAMOTTO: Come on now. And she just looks adorable. It's that bright pink, it's really metallic. And that's another thing, a lot of people have an aversion to glitter. They're like, oh, I don't want to get glitter on me. This is just right into the fabric. It's a shiny metallic. So there is no mess, no fuss. It looks fantastic. LARA SPENCER: It's so cute. LORI BERGAMOTTO: And don't you feel like if you put that on you'd be excited to work out? LARA SPENCER: Yeah, yes. - Like, she looks fabulous, she feels fabulous. - It's upping energy as we speak. - It is. I tell you, everyone this morning who saw us walk by I was like, oh, the sparkle just puts you in a good mood. - It puts a smile on your face. Thank you so much. All right, so time to move the meter one more time, because now we have Jessi and the Mias. It sounds like a new band, but it's not. These are our models. Taking it to maximum sparkle. [CHEERING] LORI BERGAMOTTO: OK. LARA SPENCER: Come on out. LORI BERGAMOTTO: Sparkle explosion, Lara. So we're going to start with Jessi. So this is sort of a riff on that Taylor Swift look and this is a suit from ASOS. What we loved about this is, first of all, really affordable, under $100. And she can mix and match. She can wear that jacket with jeans or leggings. She can wear the pants with something else. Again, all year round. Put those with some platforms. Now let's get to the Mias. - Yes. - OK. - These are two of our staffers kids, both named Mia. Our models du jour, and let-- which Mia do you want to start with? LORI BERGAMOTTO: OK, so we're going to start with Kasiana's daughter, Mia, in her Lola and the boys dress. Mia, can you do a little twirl for us? OK, there you go. LARA SPENCER: Oh, wow. LORI BERGAMOTTO: And that's from Maisonette. And then we have Kelly's daughter, Mia, in H&M, really affordable, unicorn sparkles, sequin shorts. What's not to love? LARA SPENCER: All right. You guys, how do you feel? Thumbs up? Thumbs up. Oh, wow, blowing kisses. Wow, these models really do it all. Oh, yes, Mia, you bring it, bring the glam. Come on out to all of our sparkly staffers. Thank you guys so much. I love this trend. Thank you. And if you guys like the looks that you've seen here, go to our website, GoodMorningAmerica.com. Also that QR code that you see.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Lori Bergamotto is here with a range of looks across the sparkle spectrum and members of our \"GMA\" family are helping to model the latest fashions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"98145025","title":"Spring sparkle outfits","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/spring-sparkle-outfits-98145025"}