'GMA' Deals and Steals on Oprah's Favorite Things of 2021

Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for "GMA" viewers on Oprah Winfrey's top picks.
6:50 | 11/01/21

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals on Oprah's Favorite Things of 2021
All right. We turn now to a very special "Deals & steals." Exclusive preview of the "O" quarterly cover, with Oprah's favorite things, and we got a look at this year's picks. Save 50% or more on these items. Good to have Tory Johnson here with us, but also the Oprah daily creative director Adam glassman to tell us all about them. I love my tea. What do you got? You love your tea and so does every morning she starts with cha tea. This is from the chai box. It's a wonderful company out of Atlanta. It's a mom who blends everything with her own mother's recipes. It's a really delicious tea set. And a good deal because today it is slashed in half, so $32 for your set. Nice one. Okay. We're going to move onto something very cozy and comfy from cozy Earth. These are the most comfortable lounge socks you've ever felt. Oprah loves anything that feels like a second skin. These do it and they regulate with your body so your feet will not overheat. They're amazing. The audience loves cozy Earth anyway thanks to Oprah. We've got a trio, and free shipping from cozy Earth, and you'll find their bedding online as well. Foot theme. The footnanny has made it to Oprah's favorite things. She is Oprah's medicine, and she tends to Oprah's feet, and she did it last night in honor of she has the olive foot cream and bath salts and all of this is to make your feet feel soft and supple. Everything today starts at $20. And what goes better with foot cream than hot sauce? Come on. If you go to Oprah's house, this is on the table. I've never been to Oprah's We've got to get you an invite. From breakfast to turn. Truff. Two different hot sauces and their truffle oil we pop corn with. It's amazing. It's $39 and ready for gifting. I love this, and you know I love this next one here because I have one of these at the house. I know. Your daughter. It's perfect for preteens. You could read with them. It's rebel girls. It's all about fabulous stories on barrier-breaking, diverse women from all over the world, from the past to the present. Everybody from Tony Morrison, Naomi Osaka, and they're women artists around the world. $14. Get them all. What do we got here? Oprah loves her eyewear. She thinks of it as a fun peepers, our favorite brand of readers. Four amazing styles, and four different colors. They're bold and fashionable, and the price is unbelievable. Yeah, and we've got blue blockers and readers. $13.50 per pair. You can't beat that. That's a good one. Something smells good. That was the tea, but these smell good as well. Flamingo estate, you can never go wrong with a candle as a gift. It's a trio, hand made as a brand. They are kitchen scents. Tomato, rosemary, sage. These are the kind of candles you want to burn in your kitchen while you're cooking. Totally beautiful. Plus, gardening is her thing. She grows the best tomatoes out there. The set and the beautiful package is $57.50 plus from flamingo estate, free shipping. We've got socks and something to read, and now it's the ultimate bath indulgence. Something for your wife, in fact. Some people knit and some people collect stamps as a hobby. Oprah's is bathing. It's really luxurious, subtle scent of chamomile, and it's a really beautiful set. It's gorgeous and I don't know if you can tell on TV, but the glass they're in are pretty spectacular. So the packaging, you guys always choose things on the most exquisite packaging. This one delivers, and it is 50% off. So the set today is $82.50. Now these are all great, but there's more. Yes, you all are going to be back. We've got more exclusive deals of Oprah's favorite things ahead, and "O" is on newsstands November 9th. You'll be back. I will. We've got that coming up. And "Gma" is also taking over one family's home with how you can make changes to save planet and save some money too. Stay with us on "Gma." This is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. Good morning, it's 8:27 on this Monday, November 1, I'm Ken Rosato. Topping headline, the vaccine mandate for all New York City municipal workers is in effect. Anybody who has not had one vaccine shot by today will be put on unpaid leave. The city says of the more than 22,000 still unvaccinated, half have put in requests for exemptions. They will be allowed to work while those exemption requests are considered. There are major concerns of staffing shortages within the fdny. Union leaders have denied that their members are staging a sickout as a form of protest. Happening today, new rules go into effect. Restaurants will be banned from providing plastic straws unless one is requested. The move allows straws to still be available for those with disabilities while cutting down on unnecessary plastic waste. Restaurants can dispense plastic straws. They are not plastic straws. They make them compostable. Those straws would be made of plastic or vegetable matter. Good morning, Ken, good morning, everyone, with a few clouds passing on by. You'll see that. The sunshine is making it down to the ground. There are shadows to be found. We'll have completely sunny skies for the rest of the day. How about 58 today, healther in Teaneck, New Jersey, we have route 4 east, queen Anne road, a fatal motorcycle accident.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for \"GMA\" viewers on Oprah Winfrey's top picks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"80899344","title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals on Oprah's Favorite Things of 2021","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-oprahs-favorite-things-2021-80899344"}