'GMA' Deals and Steals for fall foodies

Tory Johnson shares the best deals for those who can’t wait to get a taste of fall.
5:30 | 09/27/22

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals for fall foodies
[MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Yummy, yum, yum. - Oh, good choice of song, control room, so appropriate. Because we are with Deals & Steals right now cozying up for our Fall Foodies edition, some very tasty treats. All you need to do to get them is point your cell phone camera at the QR code right there on your screen. Let's get right to the deals, Tory, starting with-- - TBJ. - Bacon Jam. - The Bacon Jam. - Yes. TORY JOHNSON: And so they call this the ability to add bacon to every bite of anything that you want to eat. LARA SPENCER: As we should. TORY JOHNSON: Right. Sweet, savory, spreadable, made with real bacon. So it's the ultimate condiment for burgers, sandwiches, cheese boards, you name it. If you like bacon, this goes with everything. There's three different types. There's the original, the black pepper, and the sweet chili. So you can get all of them, one of them, your choice. But a three-pack today, 50% off. LARA SPENCER: And you can mix and match on your three-pack? - Yes, you can-- $15. - Let's go. - Yes. OK. - I was asking you before we got-- because I was looking at these muffins, these English muffins. - And you said, what is so special? - I said, what makes these different than your typical English muffin? - That's right. - And you said-- TORY JOHNSON: So these are Wolferman's. And there's two things about these. First, extra thick, so that they will hold any topping that you want to put on it. It's not going to crumble and get all messy. And then also, they've got teeny air pockets that are built in, so that you get a perfect crispy bite when it comes out of the toaster-- pretty fabulous. LARA SPENCER: And they have little mini muffins that I like. TORY JOHNSON: The mini set is so cute. There's a whole mini sampler set. They also come in a lot of varieties. So there's the plain. There's the chocolate chip, cherry blossom. There's so many different types. They've put together all of their bestsellers. LARA SPENCER: And one with cheese, everyone. And one with cheese. TORY JOHNSON: Yeah, cheddar cheese-- there's a cheddar-cheese version. All of the sets are 50% off. They start at $15. LARA SPENCER: Let's go. - OK. - Next up, this is a really great product, because everybody loves mac and cheese. This packs a protein punch. - You did it. You sold it. - I love this stuff. - Goodles. So this is-- it's really delicious. So it looks, cooks, and tastes just like mac and cheese. But it's filled with protein, which is what makes it pretty spectacular-- also protein, fiber, prebiotics, nutrients. So you get a nice healthy version of mac and cheese. LARA SPENCER: Your kids will not know that all of that good stuff is in it. - That's right. - I promise you that. - Kids and adults. - Yeah. - Plus the flavors are pretty fabulous, as well, as is our deal. You're going to get with this deal a 12-pack for 50% off. It is $21, and our two favorite words-- LARA SPENCER: Free shipping. TORY JOHNSON: --free shipping. - I'm all over this. - This is a delicious one. - My son at college loves it. - OK. - And then my-- - Primal Kitchen. - Yes. - Personal favorite. - And the avocado spray-- - Yes. - --is fantastic. - OK. So this is all about sauces and condiments with good-for-you ingredients, high-quality ingredients, plant-based good oils, no artificial sweeteners, no dairy. We have all of their top, top, top sellers-- the unsweetened ketchup. You like the avocado oil-- LARA SPENCER: I love it as a cooking spray. TORY JOHNSON: --to be able to use. LARA SPENCER: It's fantastic. TORY JOHNSON: This Buffalo sauce, this ranch dressing, and their avocado mayo is really, really popular. LARA SPENCER: Really good. TORY JOHNSON: This is a line. It's also, I want to say, everything Keto Certified and Whole30 Approved. This is a line that if you haven't tried it and you want to make a healthy swap, today's the day to do it. Because with our deal at 50% off, the prices start at $3.50 plus-- - Free shipping. - --free shipping. You cannot go wrong on this one. - Come here. We're taking you a long way away. - I know. We're going down over here. OK. So this is Good Good. And it's all about jams, and spreads, and sweeteners. LARA SPENCER: Oh, my gosh, this is like the best deal. TORY JOHNSON: It's so good. First of all, their packaging is phenomenal, which immediately drew me to the brand-- but delicious flavors, no added sugars, real fruits, natural sweeteners, Keto friendly. We've got so many different options, a huge, huge assortment from this company. Their fan favorite-- I was going to say, their jam is their-- LARA SPENCER: Now, the strawberry jam is like-- TORY JOHNSON: Their strawberry jam-- LARA SPENCER: You can eat it out of the jar with a spoon. It's so delicious. - So good. So the strawberry jam and their Concord grape jelly, these are two favorites. Plus they also make these really amazing-- actually, I brought one back here-- these really amazing chocolate spreads. - Oh, my daughter would love that. - So if you're somebody who likes to put those spreads on toast, or on apples, or on anything, what's great about this is it's a lower calorie, better ingredients version-- - No added sugar. - --yeah-- of a lot of the others that are out there. That Choco Hazel's a top seller for them. This isn't-- were you about to put that in a pocket-- LARA SPENCER: In a pocket, and it doesn't make sense. TORY JOHNSON: --and then you realized you don't have a pocket? LARA SPENCER: Yes. TORY JOHNSON: OK. All of these products, 50% off, $4.50 to $5.50. - All right. - That's a good one. - And bringing it home-- - And finally, yes. - --we love a cookie. - We do love a cookie. This is Creation Nation, small woman-owned business, featured on Shark Tank. And what's great about this is that it's no-bake mixes. So all you do is add two different ingredients to each one depending if you want to make cookies, balls, bites, bars, so many different options here. This is a fan favorite, this Oat Chocolatey Cookie Mix. It's so easy. - I need my Deals & Steals glasses to read this. - I know. I know. So did I. That's why I handed it to you. These are-- they're easy to make. They're fun to make. And they're really delicious to eat, as well. They've put together all of their top-selling packages. You'll get a four-pack today at 50% off for $17. - Really delicious meals. - And you're supporting a really great woman-owned small business. - Woman-owned small business, you're all about it. Thank you, guys. And thank you to our partners. Wow, these deals are amazing, lots of free shipping. You can get the deals. Check out the deals on our website GoodMorningAmerica.com. Or you just use that QR code right there on your screen-- could not be easier.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"Tory Johnson shares the best deals for those who can’t wait to get a taste of fall. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"90566902","title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals for fall foodies","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-fall-foodies-90566902"}