'GMA' Deals & Steals to celebrate spring

Tory Johnson has exclusive offers for "GMA" viewers on products from brands such as Mahogany, Del Sol and more.
3:49 | 03/23/23

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals & Steals to celebrate spring
[KATRINA & THE WAVES, "WALKING ON SUNSHINE"] I'm walking on sunshine. - --right now for our Deals & Steals spring fling with Tory Johnson. All you need to do is point your cell phone camera at the QR code on the screen. Let's get this party started. - Let's do it. - --with some PJs. - Yeah, go bananas for spring pajamas. Did you get that? LARA: I did. There you go. TORY JOHNSON: Bananas are-- LARA: There's the banana reference. TORY JOHNSON: --so fun. The florals, toucan, margarita mama-- we've got 20 different patterns, 100% cotton, relaxed fit pajamas. And we've got every single silhouette from robes to night shirts, shorts, pants, sets, you name it-- huge assortment, all half-priced, starting at $12. LARA: That is amazing. TORY JOHNSON: Really fun. LARA: Great deal there. TORY JOHNSON: Yes. LARA: This is also fun. Should I turn this on? - Yes. Please do. Turn this on. So this is Del Sol, and it's all about-- so take those jellies. - OK, here's the one jelly. - Yep, hold the one in front of there. - There's the other. If I was wearing this in the sun-- TORY JOHNSON: In the sun-- LARA: --take a look at what happens, everybody. TORY JOHNSON: Look at that. You could then have-- LARA: It turns colors, so-- TORY JOHNSON: --different color shoes. LARA: Look at that. TORY JOHNSON: Amazing, right? LARA: Two for the price of one. TORY JOHNSON: And there's so many fun things-- this is like a really-- put this one in there, the putty. LARA: This is putty? TORY JOHNSON: These are all really fun. Think about, like-- LARA: It was not on. Turn this one on. TORY JOHNSON: Oop, it turned off. There you go. We got our light there. LARA: And it turns color. TORY JOHNSON: And so your putty can turn colors. The nail polish-- we've got these little dinosaurs that are really fun, these little dino eggs. This, to me, is an Easter basket alert. There's so many-- LARA: Yeah. TORY JOHNSON: --fun things here to put in an Easter basket. Everything is half price, Lara. These prices range from 3 to 7.50. LARA: Great job. TORY JOHNSON: Really fun. - Who doesn't need a new charger? And you can now say, this is my charger. - This is mine. So you can avoid charger confusion-- - Yes. - --with Classy Chargers. And what I love is that it's a set. So you get the cord that's got the three different cable outlets. - So good. TORY JOHNSON: So no matter what it is, what your device is, one of these is gonna work. And then it charges two different things at once. And it's got your initial on it, or "Mom," "Dad"-- LARA: I love that. TORY JOHNSON: "Gram"-- LARA: --for Mother's Day, everybody. It's never too soon. TORY JOHNSON: It's really fun. The set is $22. [INAUDIBLE]-- - Amazing. - --you can choose from. - All right, moving on to cute jewelry. - Yeah. So hair-- - Or hair ties, sorry. - --ties or jewelry. - I was gonna say they're so choice. - They're so pretty they look like jewelry. - They are so pretty. So you can stack those on your wrist. They fit great on your hair. I also love they did lots of really fun Easter ones that say-- LARA: And they always end-- TORY JOHNSON: [INAUDIBLE]. LARA: --up on your wrist anyway. TORY JOHNSON: They do. They do. But they're also gonna stay in your hair, and they're not gonna crease. Half-price, they start at $14. We've got really great sets from them. - OK, and now-- - And then-- - --keep your drink cool or hot. - --Swig-- hot or cold, coffee, cocktails, wine or water, your choice, this is the flip and sip lid, which is great. We've got all new spring patterns from Swig, and we've got so many different silhouettes. This is the stemless wine. LARA: Yep. TORY JOHNSON: There's the travel mug. LARA: Familiar with that one. TORY JOHNSON: You name it, you're familiar-- all half-price today. We slashed it, starting at $16. LARA: Amazing. And then these are great Easter presents. - They are, and just really great home decor from Glory House. Everything is handmade. We've got a huge assortment that you will find online-- LARA: Love [INAUDIBLE]. TORY JOHNSON: --for Easter, spring, Mother's Day, just lots of home decor. There's little wood pieces, the fun pillows, and then canvases, all slashed in half, Lara. These start at $8. - And what about your Easter meal, everybody? - Yes. - Right there. - So whether it is an Easter meal or any kind of spring celebration, meals are more memorable with Kansas City Steaks. LARA: Yeah, and just so easy. That's the best part of this. TORY JOHNSON: Yes, totally. So they've created 10 different packages for us. I know that the one that you're touching is the-- LARA: I know. TORY JOHNSON: --yeah, right? LARA: I'm having a carb craving. - You have a carb craving because they do make some of the best twice-baked potatoes. LARA: Oh, so good. But TORY JOHNSON: We also have carver ham, prime rib. We've got bacon-wrapped fillets, hamburgers-- I mean, so many different options. LARA: Wow. TORY JOHNSON: These are really fabulous. They put a lot of thought into this based on what they know that you, our GMA viewers love. These packages today start at $40. LARA: Unbelievable. These are all phenomenal-- - They're really good. - --deals. Talk about a spring fling. We have partnered with these companies on the deals. All you need to do to get them is to go to GoodMorningAmerica.com to find the offers or go to that QR code right there on your screen.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive offers for \"GMA\" viewers on products from brands such as Mahogany, Del Sol and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"98066366","title":"'GMA' Deals & Steals to celebrate spring","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-celebrate-spring-98066366"}