Deals and Steals: Treats for under $20

Tory Johnson is here with dazzling deals and no tricks from small businesses.
4:52 | 10/30/21

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Treats for under $20
break for your local forecast. Here you go. Godmother. Our deals fairy godmother. All the "Deals & steals" under 20 bucks. Let's start with these adorable socks. Compression socks, vim & vigr and what's great about these, they are scientifically designed to have that built in compression that brings the circulation back to the leg. Dr. Jen taught me you never travel without these. People who stand all day or sit all day, these can be amazing and the patterns are pretty fabulous too. There's options in cotton, wool and nylon. All 50% off. They start today at $18. I love you mentioned traveling. As soon as you said compression socks, I thought flight and pregnancy. Exactly. If you're kicking up your feet at home, awesome slippers. Floopi. I like saying that name, floopi. What's cool about these, it's triple memory foam on the inside. Plus there's that sturdy outsole so if you're walking outside to either walk the dog, grab the mail, say hi to a neighbor you've got protection on the outside. They're so comfortable. There's a reason why between segments everyone walks around with slippers on. We have a huge assortment from them which I love and these, janai, start at $12. Holy cow. Okay. Start shopping for Christmas very early. Exactly. Next, these are not only eco friendly but wallet friendly. They are. This company is called nothing fancy supply. Making their deals debut and these are all made in America, specifically in the midwest by a woman run company. All women who are making these. It's an alternative to plastic wrap. So typically disposable plastic wrap -- take this bowl here. See how with the warmth of your hand you can -- Just like molds it. Makes it stay. It's reusable instead of disposable and will last about a there's so many beautiful patterns. That's kind of their specialty making beautiful patterns. So cute. You get that eco benefit too. Storing a piece of cheese or covering on a bowl this is for you and sets start as little as $5. Oh, my gosh, at home you know when you have too much in the bowl the top doesn't fit. Seems like this would be perfect for that. I love that. Anything I can use at home. Superb skin care. We need all of it. So this company is called youth skin care. Started by a cosmetic chemist who worked for a big company and saw the need to bring affordable skincare that delivers. So that's what this line is all about. This one right here in the center, that's their retinol serum. That's got like 10,000 online reviews. Oh, my gosh. They have a strong following because the formulas deliver. So there's a variety. Hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid peel. Depending on your skin concerns we have all the details online. Really nice line. Nice following and really wallet friendly as you would say. So important because like you said skin cares that delivers and doesn't hurt your wallet. These start at $11. That's a really good one. That is very affordable. These jewels. These jewels are very fun. Canvas style. Fun company. Woman owned company, small business and what's great is these are genuine stones with just -- this is their like -- they call it their worn gold finish. So it's not like super shiny but it compliments any outfit. What's great is you can either do one look in the same color or -- You can totally layer it. Layer, mix and match. Also very lightweight. If you pick up any one of the pieces, lightweight. It is. Doesn't like drag you down which is awesome. All of these pieces are 50% off. They range today from $11 to $19. Awesome. Great colors and the antique looking finish, I love it. Nice, good finish. Must haves. Finally -- I have two of them at home. Make-up eraser. So what's cool about this another eco friendly option, replaces disposable wipes. Replaces thousands of disposable wipes. You don't realize how many you use. What's great is they have so many different patterns. This is one of them where people buy them because they love the patterns. Super soft on your skin. And they get rid of with just water even the most difficult makeup. So sometimes there's that stubborn waterproof eyeliner, foundations, lipstick. This will take care of all that with just water. No chemicals needed. No extra anything. Huge assortment that you would find online of singles and sets and I would just add stocking stuffer alert. These today start at $6. Oh, my gosh. You don't have to worry about size or style. Anyone who wears makeup will love them. Like you said, just water. So easy to travel with and you're taken care of for your whole trip after you have your compression socks to get there. Love it, Tory. Thank you so much. We have partnered with all these companies on these deals. You can get them on our website,

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Tory Johnson is here with dazzling deals and no tricks from small businesses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"80873340","title":"Deals and Steals: Treats for under $20","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-treats-20-80873340"}