Deals and Steals on sleep and self-care

Tory Johnson has exclusive offers for "GMA" viewers to help improve rest and relaxation.
4:52 | 08/16/22

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Transcript for Deals and Steals on sleep and self-care
[MUSIC - PITBULL FEAT. ANTHONY WATTS & DJWS, "I FEEL GOOD"] (SINGING) I don't know about you, but we feel good. - Back now with day two of our four-day "Deals and Steals" special. Tory Johnson joining us this morning with bargains to help improve sleep, to boost self care. And as you can see from Billie, it's working. TORY JOHNSON: It is working. So Billie is on the Leesa mattress. It's-- they make meticulously-designed mattresses that combine comfort, support for every sleep style, and at every price point. - What about your sleep style, Billie? Good? - Yeah? - Oh, awesome. OK we got that. Billie is great for modeling mattresses and he also likes cotton candy. Those are the two specialties that Billie will model for. What I love about this, we've got four different options from Leesa from the All Foam Contouring Support, but they also make a version that's a combination of both foam and spring support. Again, four styles, you'll find online, they're all 50% off from twin to California King. They start at $425. - That's awesome. - And there's even free shipping. - Very pretty. - It's gorgeous. - Very, very nice. Very pretty. Thank you, Billie. - Next we have bedding. TORY JOHNSON: Next up, Slumber Cloud. So what I was just telling you-- - This is fantastic. TORY JOHNSON: Yes, so one of their specialties is designing bedding products specifically for thermally incompatible couples. So what that means is that somebody is always hot, always cold, and there's lots of tugging and pulling, and two of their hero products-- this one here that you're touching, this lightweight comforter, it uses a technology that was actually designed specifically for NASA to regulate temperature while sleeping, and so it does just that. And then this right here, their cooling pillow, has won rave reviews and bedding awards from Good Housekeeping, that references the out-of-the-world cooling properties from this. You get it? You get it? - I see what they did there. TORY JOHNSON: Lots of different options from them, all 50% off starting at $19.50. - Love it. - It's a good one. - Tonies are a huge favorite of parents everywhere, and of course, kids. TORY JOHNSON: Yes. So this is the little audio box that is extremely powerful and an alternative to screen time. And it's then just these little tiny characters here that have magnet-- you could feel that, if you put that back on there you'll feel that magnetic pull. - Each little character has stories and songs for that character. TORY JOHNSON: Stories, sounds, specifically that little kids can control. So they get to control their story time. We also have their headphones, cases, nice assortment from them. This is one that really kids of all ages and parents and grandparents love, too. Everything's half off, starts at $12.50. - All right. We got hair care coming up next. TORY JOHNSON: Yes, we do have hair care. So, if your hair is craving shine, repair, volume or smoothness right? All of the above, then this is a great line. It's Nature Lab Tokyo. And it's all nutrient-rich, cruelty free hair care, specifically from Japan. It's-- all of the formulas are designed to really help deliver your healthiest hair so that whatever is causing problems, there's a solution here to help fix it. - So many things. Yes. TORY JOHNSON: It's a really great line. And again, because it's nutrient-rich and feels really good on your hair, it's a wear-- - And environmentally friendly, as well. TORY JOHNSON: You got it. And these prices start at $6.50. - Now, we've really been getting into this. This is a very cool product, pun intended. - Yes. TORY JOHNSON: There you go. I liked that. Thanks, guys. I know someone just said to Gary, how do you get it so cold? And he said you put it in the microwave. So he's a funny one too over there, that Gary. So there you go. There you go. So you could wear it like that, or if you really wanted to, you could also pull it down over your eyes for even extra-- [LAUGHING] --for even extra tension relief. So you would put this in the freezer-- - It feels fantastic. TORY JOHNSON: It feels so good. You put it in the freezer for two hours, and then you can wear it even for as little as 10 minutes. It's a pillowy cloud-like feeling, right? - And it's freezing cold. TORY JOHNSON: It's very, very cold. And then there's no messy ice packs, no inserts, no Velcro. Your choice, $17.50. - It's so smart, so smart. TORY JOHNSON: Really good one. - Wearable wellness? TORY JOHNSON: Yes. That's what you get from Tommie Copper. Everyone in the studio has been talking about this. So this is built in both compression, as well as lower back support. So you can pick that one up. See how the back of those leggings have this bar across the back? That one, that is adjustable lower back support. We also have it in all of the tops. We have them for men and women. This is what they call their Four Panel Power Mesh System to reduce stress and pain on the lower back. - It's great. TORY JOHNSON: Everything from them is really smart. And again, it's-- as you said Amy, Wearable Wellness, all 50% off, starts at $34.75. - I love every one of these products. - Me, too. - Day two, and we've got more to come, correct? TORY JOHNSON: We do. - Again, we're doing it tomorrow. But right now, thank you to all of the companies that we've partnered with. These are amazing deals. Take advantage of them on our website, And tomorrow Tory has, as I said, more deals. This time, products for your home and your kitchen. So excited. TORY JOHNSON: Very excited. - Thanks to our--

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive offers for \"GMA\" viewers to help improve rest and relaxation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"88434417","title":"Deals and Steals on sleep and self-care","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-sleep-care-88434417"}