Deals and Steals: all about outdoor fun

Tory Johnson has Deals and Steals for outdoor fun so you can better soak up the sun.
4:11 | 05/21/22

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: all about outdoor fun
- Over here, Witt, there's no better way to soak up the savings than with Deals and Steals, all about outdoor fun. You can point your cell phone at the QR code on your screen right now to start saving. We've got Tory Johnson here. You were just telling me, I need these for my kids. - OK so it's the official start of summer fun Deals and Steals when we bring back Swim Lids. So popular, created by a mom. This is all of this fabric has UPF 50 sun protection built right into it. And so, when kids are out, they can get wet. They quick dry. They're foldable so they're easy. You don't have to worry about taking up a lot of space in your bag when you're going to the pool or the beach. The ones for the bucket hats are for kids and adults, super cute. And then also-- - Is it? You'd tell me if it wasn't, right? - I would tell you. - OK. - The kids, I would say like, not now. - Take it off. - The kids also have neck protection if you buy this style for them. So there's a big variety. The patterns are fabulous. But the function is even better. And these today start at $11.50. - Put it on, swim, everything. - OK, and then when you get out, you need towels. - We've got Standard textile home. These are pool towels. You know that they say that if you have stripes, it makes the pool in the beach more fun. GMA HOST: Oh. Is that what they say? TORY JOHNSON: That's what they say. Look at you. You had stripes on. You bring the fun. Exactly. You know. And what's cool also is in the center there's this little loop so that you can hang it easily for quick drying. It's Turkish cotton. They're ultra absorbent. They get softer with every wash. Four different colors, $21. GMA HOST: The yellow and white stripes still scream summer. - I gotcha. All right. Tidewater sandals. There's a lot of fun with these. So this is my favorite pattern. Really fun. A variety of different patterns. But what's great is the design for all day wear and comfort. They're cushioned. I also love-- they also have an option that has a little bit of a wedge if that's more comfortable for you. GMA HOST: Super lightweight. - Very lightweight, flexible arch support. So for added balance, we have a huge assortment online. These start at $14.50. Really fun. - Looks like they'd be easy to pack and everything. - Yes. OK, OK, so ticks, we're going in a little bit of a downer here. But TickEase is one of the easiest ways to remove ticks from people and pets. So this is dual sided, that thin, ultra thin tip, right here, even the smallest ticks in people. And then there's this scoop on this side for even larger ticks in animals. So this is just one of those tools that you hope you never need, but you want to make sure you have it when you do need it. It is $6. GMA HOST: Because if you need it, you got to do what you got to do. - Exactly. All right. Father's Day is going to be coming up. Get ready. Yeah. So we've got so many barbecue options here from the Barbecue Butler. These right here, these are called bear claws. They are incredibly sharp. So it's a little deceiving because they're red and fun. These are exceptionally sharp. And so they will help shred meat. So whether it is meat, pork, chicken, if you want shredded-- - It's still barbecue month. TORY JOHNSON: Yes. That is amazing. The grill mat, the heat resistant glove. I'll buy you lunch if you know what this is. Do you know what that is? GMA HOST: Yeah, right. No I don't know what that is. - OK, so it's called a gator tail. And it helps to steady a wobbly grill. So if your grill is wobbly, see how the shape, they're-- depending on how like when they stitch match books under your table in a restaurant. Sometimes you need just like that one-- GMA HOST: That's really cute, Tory. --one, sometimes you need a lot. It's so smart. - Do you know what it is? Yeah, absolutely not. But now I'm glad to do. - Now we can still have lunch. $6.50 to $10 for all of the options that are here. And then finally, Weatherman umbrella. Is what's great about these is they are incredibly sturdy in the wind. They are also oversized. They've got so many different functions. This right here, if you feel this, this is made from the same material that pull up bars in the gym. So they're sturdy, but they feel really good in your hand. - And the shape of it is perfect for your hand. TORY JOHNSON: The shape of it. If you are out in the wind or the rain, you want one of these umbrellas. We've got a variety of different sizes, going up to the biggest size, golf umbrellas. If you're doing a live shot, you want one of these. - Can find a lot of uses. - Really fabulous and with our discount, they start at $34.50. - Incredible. Tory, you always bring the best deals. And again, we have partnered with all of these companies. Find each deal on our website,

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Tory Johnson has Deals and Steals for outdoor fun so you can better soak up the sun.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"84878956","title":"Deals and Steals: all about outdoor fun","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-outdoor-fun-84878956"}