Deals and Steals: Kitchen and home

Tory Johnson is here with huge savings for your kitchen and home.
4:52 | 10/02/21

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Kitchen and home
Welcome to my house Now we turn to "Deals & steals" and today kitchen stuff. It's the coolest. Tory Johnson is here with huge savings for not just your kitchen, but your home. They're all from small businesses. You all know the trick. Point your cell phone camera at the qr code at the bottom of the screen. Hey, Tory, good morning to you. Good morning, juju. We're starting with a "Gma" deals debut. This is grill time's tailgator. Portable charcoal grill that heats up in four minutes and will give you about 60 minutes of grilling time. It cleans up easily. Only weighs a little under nine pounds. Stores in its case when not in use making it very convenient for travel at 50% off. Our deal today is 62 -- sorry, $82.50 and free shipping. Got to get in the free shipping. It's already tailgate season. Check this out. It's the coolest thing. Next we have cutting boards. Very personal touch to your kitchen. Tell us more. That's right. This is gooseberry designs. You can bring your favorite state home. They've got kind of a whimsical stylish map design on each of the boards and they are bamboo. On one side it's smooth for cutting. The other side has the design for serving. They're designed by hand illustration in California. We've got all 50 states, really fun deal on these at 50% off. They're $35. Excellent. California, New York, all represented. This next up is both eco friendly and wallet frequently. Give us more. It is. This is Brooklyn benzo. Skip the plastic wrap for these eco friendly stainless steel food containers. They're great for storage or bringing your lunch on the go. Leakproofsilicone lids which are great. Big variety of sizes from condiments and the large rounds with the food separator so great for little meal prep and we also have their insulated food thermoses. I love these for hot foods. Think soup or Mac and cheese on the go. Plus, they're sleek looking so you've got a good lucking product as well as something that's going to be eco friendly. Huge assortment with our deal. They start at $8. Awesome. Now these cloths, I guess, are good for your home. Very exciting. This is a good one. This is a collaboration of two "Gma" favorite brands, wet it and fish kit. So wet it specializes in ultra absorbent reusable cloths designed to replace paper towels and they've got that eco friendly element as well. They're also dish washer and washing machine safe, so easy for cleaning. We have all the states or you can choose a map of the united States. Get them all in there. This is a great, great product that every home should have. You'll get a two-pack today for $7.25. These are super cool. I'm definitely getting those. We know homes can get smelly. What can we do if you want odor remover? This is -- that's right. This is fresh wave. It's a plant-based product proven to eliminate household odors without harmful chemicals and without fake fragrance. That's a plus. It is safe for both people and pets. We've got a variety of options from them in gel, spray or pouches. Think kitchen, basement, closets. You can even put them in trash cans to prevent odor from sticking and these today start at $4. Smells good. Then this last set helps keep your drains clear. Tell us more about that. This company is the shroom company. They set out to eliminate the need to pour chemicals down the drain. So their products instead are designed to prevent the problem before it even happens. We've got three different options from them. The tub shroom is a hair catcher and drain protector. That's great for people with long hair that often clogs the drain in the shower. We have their kitchen sink one. This is great to catch food and prevent that water backup if you're doing dishes after a big party or a big meal and we also have their stop shroom. That's great for the tub or bathroom sink. All products 50% off, a two-pack starts at $10. Juju, it's been a few years since we've done a "Deals & steals" segment together. You, my love, were as perfect as ever. So this was a joy for me. Tory, likewise. I feel the same, hearts. Thank you so much. All of these deals are winners. I'm excited about each and every one and we partnered with all of them so check out the website, right, Tory? You got it. Thanks for being here.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Tory Johnson is here with huge savings for your kitchen and home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"80365091","title":"Deals and Steals: Kitchen and home","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-kitchen-home-80365091"}