Deals and Steals featuring skin and beauty products

Tory Johnson brings us deals from small businesses that will help pamper your skin this fall.
6:11 | 10/16/21

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Transcript for Deals and Steals featuring skin and beauty products
This time now for deals and steals Torre Johnson is here with ways to treat yourself. And support the small businesses you love Tori good morning it's always great to see you. So this first one here book report at home manic here tell us more. Yes the way this is static now a lot of my favorite brands we've got a couple of great king's friend that we have done nontoxic formula which is for a healthier Manning here. Rich paying me it's an eight gore urges array of colors everything that's on trend right now and I think. Love most about their college is that I can have a manicure lasts for up to ten days without shipping as long as I paired with their beats and top codes. That one's a winner we also have their new nontoxic. Odorless polish remover. It needs a gentle yet highly effective formula to remove. Polish I yelled blue pop on whatever is that you're putting on your health anti no way you are wondering on behalf of managed care aficionados everywhere. Do we have their pop my man here's the answer is yes huge assortment when you go to our web site everything is 50% off the price. Static nails start today at eight. Dollars you knew the exact question I was thinking at that moment Torre of course are this next one of moving over here helps you leave your healthiest and happy is life what we have here. Visit the new car making it sag deal debut here Edith you can't that is designed to deliver evidence. Based solutions for improving stress skin and sleep. Three things that we all care about how we've got all of their best sellers but two particular stand out there magnesium easy it is this raid is infused with a lavender and Arco oil to help with the relaxation and anti he's. Muscle tension and we also have their functional three grants and is developed based on this science that can next sentence. Which are removed and so it's a really unique fragrance is tiny. Clean it would be smoke he stands today is. I was clinically proven to help reduce stress so he's got out a really great assortment from them today everything is 50% off at. At sixteen dollars excellent already feeling relaxed and in a good murder OK this next one here gives you something to smile about Torre. Yeah so that's good because Leonard and then when you smile you smile is pretty awesome to shop those pearly light. We've got global science here you can achieve your right is that wipe this smile in as little as five to seven days what I love is that this is an act. Home whitening treatment that. I'm combines two of the most popular techniques heat as well as blue LED lights. And no sensitivity which is often a problem with the whitening hot devices or case or gels it was developed by one of the most popular. At New York celebrity. Dan did it is used in dental office is around the country is a terrific product that gets rave reviews we have it for 50% off tonight yeah. And it's good and I'm pretty shifting from low science wit. Always love that free shipping Torre thank you so much as always we'll talk soon of course you can get these deals on Good Morning America dot com. And stick around here Torre has a lot more in our next half hour. Now with more deals and steals soda cash and those savings. We're going to point your phone camera right to the viewer though it. But the bottom of Christine let's bring Torre back if Torre is so great to speak with you quit assert here with this skin care line tell us all about it what's a sold out. Yes Victor this isn't fast skin care it is targeted skin hair that is clinically proven to hone strength and endurance gains we have more than ten options president grant. But a few mega fan favorite that's sellers that I want to call out their cucumbers TI gel to reduce that target pop scene is. They're list lotion it is specifically. Proven to visibly improve the appearance of skin and then what of their biggest fan favorites it there intensive treatment body butter is designed to target stretch marks and scars. Everything we have is at least 50% off start face. Eight dollars and magistrates and this resilient audio election smells great Tori what about the shower cap peers tell us we've got Al this is like collective. They had this anti air act. And they specialize in it bigger and better and stronger shower caps they also happen to be reversible. One side that what went inside that we'll keep the water out of the other side that you can reverse that you're doing a leaving hair treatment I'm we'll get you into that Victor. What the greatest that they that have been answered that allowed to stay in place but doesn't he ancient like many traditional shower passed. And now we have their night cap this is one that they have perfected over the last couple of years. It is designed to sleep went to limit friction while you sleep to preserve a hair style overnight. Your choice 1450. We're moving along over here Torre this last one until the song gives your salon styled right at home got a few products you tell us about it. You got it right visited SH I eat full range of hair care. What is there signature products is their blowout probe rush that has the word usage in one device it will rise smooth out volume my eyes and curl. We also have their fine brush may be one of the things that they are most known for. He has these unique soft flexible bristle so there's note hugging or damage to the hair. We got a full line of hair care as well as also their powder filler for hair huge assortment from them today all at least half boss starting to. 750 and Victor I grew up in Miami Beach so I have heard singularly proud to have a another 305 are now eat officially inducted into teen deal with deals whether you like it or not you're you're stuck with us now by low. But I had no idea grew up in Miami feet so it's great spirits is up to where I live in thank you so much I think that the shark up what he's coming home safe. Story thank you can find each deal right here on our website Good Morning America dot com where you'll also find fourteen exclusive digital deals. And today is your last day to score those savings.

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"Tory Johnson brings us deals from small businesses that will help pamper your skin this fall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"80617894","title":"Deals and Steals featuring skin and beauty products","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-featuring-skin-beauty-products-80617894"}