Best Memorial Day deals to save money

Score big deals on everything from appliances to furniture all weekend long.
2:54 | 05/26/23

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Best Memorial Day deals to save money
MICHAEL STRAHAN: Our GMA cover story and the great Memorial Day weekend sales. Our consumer correspondent Becky Worley joins us with the best deals this year and how to save. Good morning, Becky. - Good morning, Michael happy almost three-day weekend, and Memorial Day brings us an opportunity to catch a break on prices, after the increasing costs of inflation have absolutely pummeled consumers. - Ashley's Memorial Day sale is going on now. BECKY WORLEY: This morning, Memorial Day sales are heating up, and the big ticket items this year? JULIE RAMHOLD: Mattresses, major appliances, home furniture, those are all going to be on pretty good sales this weekend, and aside from that, also, clothing as well. BECKY WORLEY: J.Crew offering an online-only deal of 40% off your entire purchase, plus an extra 50% off hot weather styles. And you'll want to jump on mattress deals, like this Serta queen bed, originally priced at $100, now $550, at Mattress Firm. Wayfair announcing up to 70% off home goods and appliances, like this mini fridge that can go outdoors, dropping from $650 to just under $300. JULIE RAMHOLD: I think really, the biggest thing is to go ahead and start your shopping as soon as possible. The bulk of the sales will be this weekend. Most of them will last through Monday night. BECKY WORLEY: But how do these sales compare to years prior? JULIE RAMHOLD: Well, what may be a little concerning for shoppers is the fact that inflation has driven the starting prices up. So even if we're seeing the same discounts, that doesn't mean that the prices are going to be as low as they were previously. - Listen, if you're not ready to make a big purchase, or you don't have time to shop this weekend, no need to worry. We will see a lot of similar sales that come out around July 4th, Michael. - And you know what, Becky, what are some of the best deals for around the house and the yard, for everyone who wants to stay at home do a little gardening? - Yeah. These weekends offer a real opportunity on almost all sites. So Amazon has its own set of incredible deals. The first is a pretty unusual discount on a Dyson ball vacuum. It's $100 off. My pick for under $20 is the Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. The Amazon Fire 43-inch TV, that's $110 off. I think a good bet for the yard, Target has its summer kickoff sale. 30% off outdoor furniture, firepits, gardening tools, and cookware. Lots of opportunities, Michael. MICHAEL STRAHAN: I tell you what, Becky, you got Sam Champion going, wow, on [INTERPOSING VOICES] MICHAEL STRAHAN: Thank you. Thank you, Becky. - He's a shopper. MICHAEL STRAHAN: Yes. Thank you always and always, Becky. [INTERPOSING VOICES] - And you at home, you can scan the QR code on your screen, right now, to head over to for all the best Memorial Day deals. I thought you had your phone up by now. [INTERPOSING VOICES]

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Score big deals on everything from appliances to furniture all weekend long.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"99623416","title":"Best Memorial Day deals to save money","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/best-memorial-day-deals-save-money-99623416"}