2021 holiday shopping guide

Get ready for savings on the latest deals you don’t want to miss.
3:16 | 11/25/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2021 holiday shopping guide
Also looking forward to what we're going to talk about right now, which is the big Thanksgiving tradition, online shopping. The one and only, Becky Worley. She's back with us from our Strategic Savings Command Center with some of the hottest deals you don't want to miss. All right, Becky, we're going to talk online shopping. So many of us have come to rely on this during this pandemic. Is it changing the prices we're seeing this year? Yeah, it's interesting. It's not about heading to the mall this Thanksgiving. It's all about online shopping, because those many of the big chains are closed. Now, discounts may be a little bit more modest given supply chain issues, but I want to kick us off with deals that are in the 50% off category. I love a half-off deal, so we're going to start with this kid's play kitchen. It's $99 at Walmart. That's $100 off. And then for the bigger kids, maybe a gamer, this Dell 27 inch monitor for a serious gamer in your life. Well, it's very well reviewed. $329 at dell.com. That's $260 off, plus you get a $50 Dell gift card. That's kind of like 50% off. I was told there would be no math. Oh, yeah. Math doesn't work for any of us here in journalism. But we know tech is huge. Of course, Amazon, one of the giants, here with their devices. Are the deals better now or on Cyber Monday? You know what? I tend to buy Kindles and Alexa Amazon Echo devices on Thanksgiving. They may drop a little over the next few days, but if you need one as a gift definitely get it by Cyber Monday. I just checked and Alexa devices are roughly half off. The Echo is, normally, $85. I think it's $44 off. Now, for Kindles, the 10 inch Kindle Fire Tablet is $75, normally $150. One deal I can exclusively reveal to you is that the newly released Amazon Fire TV-- this is the first TV that Amazon has made, their 65 inch Omni model is going to go on sale on Cyber Monday-- not today, on Cyber Monday. That's going to be $599. You are going to save $230. OK. Yeah. Well, I'm looking to save big on small kitchen appliances-- [LAUGHTER] --so where might I be able to do that? They are, of course, a staple of doorbuster deals. [LAUGHTER] Save big on the small appliance. You've found a real ring for that. We're going to go-- [LAUGHTER] --with Target. OK, they're famous for these doorbuster kitchen gadgets. They have a $10 mini waffle maker. That's $5 off and already low price. Pretty well-reviewed too. A little more upscale, the nine-function, six-quart, Instant Pot is $59 at Macy's. That's $60 off. And something that has not been widely discounted since the great sourdough pandemic rush of 2020 is a KitchenAid stand mixer. That's $219 at Best Buy. You save $280. And I've got one bonus deal for you guys. This is the Unagi scooter. Whoa. OK, are you ready for this? I made a big exit on yesterday's show. So this thing-- Oh, you be careful-- --is $589-- --Becky. It's $200 off at Best Buy. Look out. It's not so bad. Pretty good. Wow. And in heels, no less. [INTERPOSING VOICES] The whole thing. That's a [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHTER] And the brakes worked before you hit the wall. [LAUGHTER] I keep trying that. [LAUGHTER] Great. You always make an exit and an entrance, Becky. All right, keep going. Keep going. Go check out our full Black Friday guide of all these deals and more. To shop right now by scanning that QR code and heading to our website goodmorningamerica.com.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Get ready for savings on the latest deals you don’t want to miss.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"81391482","title":"2021 holiday shopping guide","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/2021-holiday-shopping-guide-81391482"}