Teens looking to make a difference in the world get life-changing surprise

Rise, an exciting global initiative, is on a mission to support the next generation of changemakers and five teens find out they've been chosen on "GMA."
5:30 | 09/22/22

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Transcript for Teens looking to make a difference in the world get life-changing surprise
- Now we're going to go to an exciting global initiative called Rise. It's mission is to support the next generation of changemakers and help make their dreams come true. 100 teens from around the world will be chosen for this honor. And we have five finalists here in our studio. And let's see how they want to make the world a better place. Five students, five brilliant minds. All with one common goal to help others. - I'm planning to create three different universal CAR T cells. - I founded a social enterprise in Hong Kong called reBooked. ReBooked's mission is to promote the re-use of second-hand English language books. - I came up with the idea to create a novel EED device that would translate the patient's thoughts into words to help them communicate non-orally. MICHAEL STRAHAN: Over 120,000 students from over 170 countries expressing interest in a global initiative called Rise. - The goal of my project is to create a method where you can communicate with politicians easily. - Provide resources for students in non-English speaking countries to prepare themselves for Mathematics and Science Olympiads. MICHAEL STRAHAN: Part of Eric and Wendy Schmidt's $1 billion philanthropic commitment providing students mentoring, funding, and scholarships. These 5 are part of the 500 finalists and leaders of tomorrow ready to take on the world. And here are Bailey, Antonio, Rena, Rishi, and James. Welcome to Times Square all five of you. Yes. [APPLAUSE] Yes, you deserve all that. And Bailey, in your video application, you talked about being discriminated against when you're pursuing your goals because you're female. So how do you think that rise? Can help this? - Yeah. So if I become a Rise global winner, I really hope to use the network and the resources to expand my social enterprise, reBooked, to all corners of the world, enabling children everywhere, including young women and girls, to access these books. And even within the Rise Community itself, there are so many inspiring girls and women who are my peers that I look up to already. And it's a really empowering space. WHIT JOHNSON: Wow. Love that. All right, Antonio, this next question is for you. I know that you're trying to help young people make the most of their education by helping them stay in school. And that's easier said than done in some parts of the world. Why are you so passionate about this? - So I feel like luck has been really important to my education. And I've always wanted to give back to my community in some way. I created Community Mathematic to organize math competition for more than 4,000 students now. And basically identify the brightest students and give them opportunities to reach their full potential. MICHAEL STRAHAN: And Rena, your project is to empower young people to make their voices heard in politics at home in Japan and around the world, actually. So how would Rise help make that happen? - Yeah, so if I become a Rise winner, I want to use my Rise benefits in order to expand my project nationally and globally. I'm really passionate about politics since-- and I really want to make sure that youth feel not hopeless, but powerful within the political sphere. And so that's why I'm planning a citywide crowdsourcing event in order to ensure that politics is efficient and fun for everyone. WHIT JOHNSON: Amazing. All right, Rishi, you're up next here. I know that you've actually been working to help stroke victims and help them recover, but you're also interested in starting a business. What would that business be specifically? - That business would definitely be a neurotechnology startup. And it's actually interesting since my dad influenced both. He had a mini stroke, which kind of influenced my neurotechnology side. But for the startup, my dad also owns a small business, which kind of influenced my entrepreneurial journey as well. MICHAEL STRAHAN: And James, we know you're working on early cancer detection, but you're also, you're about healthy yourself. So what can people at home, our audience do, to keep their health up? - Oh, I think we all know what to do to live a healthy lifestyle, is just that we don't do them. So it's not a problem of knowledge, but motivation. And to raise our motivation, I think we should look at our elders and learn from them, so we don't repeat the same mistakes. And that was also what inspired my project, but my point is, we need to start early and prepare now so we don't have to face the consequence later. MICHAEL STRAHAN: You know, wow. I love that. We all know what to do, we're just not doing it. That's a very good point. Just sitting here listen to you, you five of you, we could see why you're all five of you are finalists. And we have some-- a special message from a group of people that you have inspired. So take a look at this. - We started Rise with the team at Schmidt Futures to identify the next generation of leaders from around the world, to form a community working together for a lifetime in public service. We've been deeply inspired by your ideas for how to make our world better for everyone. - You're here today as finalists. Well done. But we have something else to share with you. - Each of you has been selected as a Rise global winner. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] - We can't wait to start your journey and see what you will do together. - These Rise global winners from 2021 want to join us in saying, congratulations. - Congratulations. Welcome aboard. MICHAEL STRAHAN: And we're gonna-- [CHEERING] --and we're going to say it one more time, congratulations to all five of you. WHIT JOHNSON: Absolutely. Well done. MICHAEL STRAHAN: How did-- how did that make you feel? [EXCLAMATIONS] I love how you all were congratulating each other. And you look and you think, what is the future going to be? And the five of you and the other 95 winners are showing that our future is very bright. - Yeah, we're in good hands with you. - We are in very good hands. WHIT JOHNSON: Thank you. MICHAEL STRAHAN: Congratulations. - Thank you so much. MICHAEL STRAHAN: All right. We're all about Rise, and they're rising up.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"Rise, an exciting global initiative, is on a mission to support the next generation of changemakers and five teens find out they've been chosen on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"90316615","title":"Teens looking to make a difference in the world get life-changing surprise","url":"/GMA/Living/video/teens-make-difference-world-life-changing-surprise-90316615"}