Interior design expert Lauren Makk breaks down new TikTok trend

Maximalism is in but is minimalism out? "Cluttercore" is TikTok's newest design trend and it’s video has over 1.6 milltion views, but is this "more-is-more" trend right for everyone.
3:14 | 05/14/22

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Interior design expert Lauren Makk breaks down new TikTok trend
- Switch gears now to this design trend that's taking over TikTok. Goodbye, clean lines, and say hello to "cluttercore." This video alone has over 1.6 million views. Interior design expert and HGTV fixture Lauren Makk joins us now to break it all down. Thank you so much for being with us. OK, how do you know if this trend is even right for you? - Well, listen, I don't even agree with the word "trend." If something in your home is what you love, then it is trendy. It is perfect for you. So I-- listen, I have a great collection. If you have a beautiful accumulation of things that you've traveled with and found all over your life, this trend is for you. EVA PILGRIM: OK, so "cluttercore," some call it "maximalism." Does that mean minimalism is officially out? Because I like minimalism. [LAUGHS] - You do? Well, listen, like I said, if it works for you in your home, that's great. People like me have things that they've found or collected over the years, mementos, sentiments. And this is why this trend is so perfect for those of us that like things. EVA PILGRIM: It does feel new, but we've actually seen these kind of "more is more" looks before on the big screen. - Yes. Yes, we have. You've seen them in Meg Ryan's apartment in You've Got Mail. We've also seen them in Michelle Pfeiffer's apartment in Batman Returns. But you know, listen, girl, I think that you and I can even remember it in our teenage days when we'd have all the posters on the walls and our Hello Kitty things and all of our jewelry everywhere, right? - Um, I don't know if you know this about me, but I am very much a minimalist. - [CHUCKLES] - I had no posters on my wall. - Well-- - I know. i was-- I was that kid. WHIT JOHNSON: Buzzkill. - How? [LAUGHTER] [INTERPOSING VOICES] - Sorry. I was going to lie, and then I was like, no, I'm not going to lie. WHIT JOHNSON: [MIMICS SAD TROMBONE] [LAUGHTER] - I had books on my wall. - [LAUGHING] - And you've got quite the cluttercore look going on there. How can people who want to, create that look for themselves. WHIT JOHNSON: [LAUGHING] - Yes. OK, so there's three simple ways that you can achieve this look in your own home. And remember, this is about curating your own collection and installing it a little more artistically, like perhaps a museum would do. So you can group things together. Or you can kind of bring all of your art, let's say, keeping the frames similar, the matting similar, or even the shape similar to really achieve the look when you do it on your walls. Now for your cases, your bookcases, or your shelves, a great way to do that is to bring things together by color, group them together by size or shape, and really install them in a way that showcases your collection in a beautiful way. And last but not least, just add plants. The cluttercore vibe is very bohemian and eclectic and full. So plants are a great way to really add some life and some texture and some vitality to really achieve the look. EVA PILGRIM: Well, I know a lot of people are going to be trying to pull off that look you have going on behind you. Lauren, thanks so much for being with us this morning. [CHUCKLES] WHIT JOHNSON: I love the stories of you as a child, though. - Thank you, guys. [LAUGHTER] - She had a little desk. She had some books. She had a pencil. - Calculator. - Yes, definitely a calculator. [LAUGHTER] - Oh, yeah, but we love it. We love it. - Aw, sorry. I was trying to be cool, but I am not. - Well, we're going to put some posters up in your room. We're coming over.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Maximalism is in but is minimalism out? \"Cluttercore\" is TikTok's newest design trend and it’s video has over 1.6 milltion views, but is this \"more-is-more\" trend right for everyone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"84718299","title":"Interior design expert Lauren Makk breaks down new TikTok trend","url":"/GMA/Living/video/interior-design-expert-lauren-makk-breaks-tiktok-trend-84718299"}