‘GMA’ celebrates retirement of our Times Square security dog

Hali’s handler discussed what retirement will look like and the bond they shared.
3:42 | 08/05/22

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘GMA’ celebrates retirement of our Times Square security dog
- Our own amazing dog here at GMA, Hali. She is our security dog in Times Square, she's also the unofficial therapy dog of GMA. You walk in the morning, she's getting petted, it soothes everyone here. And now, Hali is retiring. So we have to celebrate her. [MUSIC PLAYING] Of all the faces that greet our guests and staff at Good Morning America every day-- - Good girl. - --there is only one that always gets and gives a little extra love. It's Hali, our four-legged security detail, keeping us safe in exchange for belly rubs and treats. - We go in and we check the whole studio, the whole perimeter of the outside of the studio inside, check for any suspicious bags or anything that looks out of the norm. Hali does have some unofficial roles here, one of them I like that we say is she's the therapy dog of GMA. She loves to make people smile. - Her day starts early. - Ready? Let's go to work. - A 2:30 AM wake-up call and she's off to Times Square with her Handler, Tim. - Hali and I have been together seven years. - But soon, she gets to press snooze on that alarm. - Good morning, Karima. When she's not at work, she gets to sleep in about four more hours. Everybody else stay. Come on, Hali. - With her retirement just around the corner. - She loves to play ball and just be loved all the time. She just loves the attention. - You couldn't sleep in? - And while she will be wildly missed here at GMA, now her days will be filled with naps and relaxation. She's about to have a ball. [MUSIC PLAYING] - And we couldn't let Hali go without sending off with a celebration, guys. So let's bring out Hali and her Handler, Tim. Come on out, you two. [CHEERING] - Come on, girl. Let's go. - Hey, Hali. Hey. [CLAPPING] Hello, Hali. Hey, Tim. How are you doing? - Hi, Michael. How are you? I am doing good. Now we know Hali's going to retire later this year. - Yes. - And what is retirement going to look like for Hali? Because we wanted her to say thank you for all that she's done, but what's retirement going to look like? - Well, first of all, she's definitely going to miss everybody here. She loves getting all her pets and stuff. She's therapy for you, but you're also therapy for her. And she's definitely going to miss especially her Grandpa Gary. [LAUGHTER] But at home, she's just going to relax, lay in this bed, eat whatever she wants, play ball, and watch me leave at 2:30 in the morning and not her. - So you're going to leave at 2:30 because you're still going to be here, Hali gets to be your pet at home. So what are you going to miss most about spending mornings with her here? - Well, we've been together seven years, so it's going to be tough not being with her every day. And just the new dog that I'm going to get is going to have big shoes to fill, so it's going to be tough not being around Hali because she gives me a lot of comfort as well. - Well, she gives us all comfort here. And I can't tell you how many times I've rolled in the morning and she's laying on her back and someone's petting her and they're just so relaxed at a job that could be stressful. And it's so early in the morning for everybody. And you know what? It's just great to have you here, it was great to have Hali here, and I think you've added so much to our show. And we cannot have a celebration without a cake, you guys. So let's bring in the cake for Hali. [CHEERING] - Hali, look. Up. Come see. Yay. Look at that, baby. - Hali's like is this going to be every day? But Hali, you're not going to be here much longer, sadly enough. But I got to say, we're going to go back. And, Tim, thank you so much, man. You and Hali have brought so much here. And you'll still be around. And Hali, we're going to miss you, we're going to take advantage of you being here as long as we can, young lady.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"Hali’s handler discussed what retirement will look like and the bond they shared.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"87987139","title":"‘GMA’ celebrates retirement of our Times Square security dog ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/gma-celebrates-retirement-times-square-security-dog-87987139"}