Gifting and decorating the vintage way

Designer Bob Richter gives us a second look at what many of us have stashed away at home for decorations and gifts.
2:19 | 12/05/21

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Transcript for Gifting and decorating the vintage way
- Now with gifting and decorating the vintage way. Janai Norman recently spoke to an expert who helps give a second look to what many of us have stashed away at home. - So we've all heard about the supply chain problems, but there's an easy way to beat that this holiday season by thinking vintage. Vintage lifestyle expert Bob Richter, author of Vintage Living and A Very Vintage Christmas, joins us now. Tell us about an item that we probably have already at home in our basement or attic that could get a second life. - You know, there are no supply chain issues from your attic or basement to under the Christmas tree. People have so many of these things, and what they're looking for this year is connection. And these objects bring the connections. JANAI NORMAN: That is a good idea. And what about for decorations? - I always think of Christmas trees as a scrapbook, and ornaments are like all the little photos. And so, you know, you have these boxes of ornaments that people remember. This one with this lid is so incredible. It's got Uncle Sam shaking hands with Santa Claus. Gifting this is so incredible. Wait till you see this one, by the way. This is the big daddy. JANAI NORMAN: Oh, holy cow. - Most people put these outside, right? I bring them right on inside for a pop of color and joy. JANAI NORMAN: And what about-- what about for the tree? BOB RICHTER: I'm going to tell you something that absolutely connects the generations, and that's music. The millennials and Gen Zs, everybody says, they don't want my stuff. And I say, you know what, they want your stuff. They just don't want the stuff you want them to want. They might not want your dining room furniture, but they want your records. No cost, pure joy. And how many things can you think of that instantly can connect a grandparent to a grandchild, that's like a tangible object? JANAI NORMAN: And no supply chain issues, as you said. - That's right. - Now Bob, what else can make an impact when you're decorating for the holidays? - Well, I think as long as you do it with heart, that's all that matters. This is a magical time of the year, and these vintage objects spark that joy. They spark the magic. JANAI NORMAN: And you talking about connection and heart-- that, of course, is what the holidays are all about. So thank you for giving us some new ideas and ways to look at that, and make that happen this holiday season. - My pleasure. Happy holidays to you. JANAI NORMAN: You too, Bob.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Designer Bob Richter gives us a second look at what many of us have stashed away at home for decorations and gifts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"81567025","title":"Gifting and decorating the vintage way","url":"/GMA/Living/video/gifting-decorating-vintage-81567025"}