American Girl reveals 2 new historical characters

Meet Isabel and Nicki, the first American Girl twins, who know how to party like it's still the 1990s.
2:17 | 02/22/23

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Transcript for American Girl reveals 2 new historical characters
[MUSIC PLAYING] - Now on GMA with an exclusive reveal this morning, the newest doll for American Girl's popular historical collection. The series is inspired by role models from decades in America's past. But first, let's do a little fun look back at the other dolls in the collection, and this is with the help of some of these incredible young women. We love having you here. You look great. We are going to start a little fashion show. Ready to see the collection? It starts with the first one. Representing the 1900s, Samantha. Yes, you look good. Come on out! All right, next up we've got the 1910s and Rebecca, followed by Claudie in the 1920s. Oh, that's a fun one. And then in the 1930s-- [LAUGHTER] And next, representing the 1940s-- I want those shorts right now-- Nanea. And for the 1950s, Maryellen. Melody is next, and she is representing the 1960s. Looking so adorable! [LAUGHTER] And then we have Julie, right there in the 1970s, as if that wasn't obvious. I love that floral headband. And next up we've got Courtney from the 1980s! Oh! Girls, you all look so amazing. You did a fantastic job. I know they were a little bit nervous. Finally, we are going to bring the party to the 1990s. And yes, the '90s now are apparently officially part of history, so maybe that is why they are softening the blow with double the cuteness, double the fun, and double the perfectly nostalgic accessories. The decade's so nice, they're representing it twice. Let's welcome the newest dolls in the American Girl historical collection-- [MUSIC - SPICE GIRLS, "WANNABE"] SPICE GIRLS: (SINGING) Yo, I'll tell you what I want-- FEMALE HOST: For the first time ever in American Girl history, twins. Isabel and Nicki! Yes! [CHEERING] SPICE GIRLS: (SINGING) I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna-- FEMALE HOST: There may be two of them, but they are individuals. They channel some serious '90s girl power, and they are staying true to themselves and learning how to face their fears with confidence. Oh, the balloons are a hit, everybody. [LAUGHTER] Look at Isabel and Nicki. You all are looking so good. OK, well you all have fun with your dolls. AUDIENCE MEMBER: Woo! FEMALE HOST: Isabel and Nicki, and the entire collection of accessories, are available now. Thank you, everybody. Thank you to the models. Wow, they're enjoying those. All right, each of you, by the way-- hey, girls! Each of you are going home with Nicki and Isabel, the twins! [CHEERING] Hey! Dolls for everybody.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Meet Isabel and Nicki, the first American Girl twins, who know how to party like it's still the 1990s.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"97379627","title":"American Girl reveals 2 new historical characters","url":"/GMA/Living/video/american-girl-reveals-2-new-historical-characters-97379627"}