11-year-old raises over $61K for animals with lemonade stand

Delanie Dennis, who has raised the funds since starting her Tampa-based business in 2019, joins “GMA” for a special surprise.
5:29 | 03/22/23

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Transcript for 11-year-old raises over $61K for animals with lemonade stand
- --song got Sam Champion and Lara, got everybody here dancing a little bit. [LAUGHTER] - Hear-- let's hear you roar, Sam. - No, no. - OK. [LAUGHTER] - Got to draw the line somewhere. - But we are playing that because it is Women's History Month. And we are celebrating the next generation of young women who are sparking change. This morning, we're introducing you to 11-year-old Delanie Dennis from Tampa, Florida, who raises money for animal rescues, and was named Kid of the Year by the ASPCA. Take a look. - When life gives you lemons, start a lemonade stand. MICHAEL STRAHAN: And that's just what 11-year-old Delanie Dennis has been doing for as long as she can remember. JULIE DENNIS: What are you making? - Lemonade. MICHAEL STRAHAN: Her love for lemonade as big as her love for animals. - This is Boots. And he's happy to be here. I believe that somewhere out there animals have a forever home. If you buy a lemonade, you can help with the animals. MICHAEL STRAHAN: At just seven years old, looking for a way to help animals, Delanie came up with the idea to sell lemonade. - So we talked to her about it, and listened to her plan, and it was like, OK, let's give it a shot. [LAUGHS] MICHAEL STRAHAN: Rallying around Delanie's dream, the Dennis family opened Delanie's lemonade stand in their Tampa Bay family restaurant, donating each month's proceeds to an animal rescue of their daughter's choice. DELANIE DENNIS: Since I started the lemonade stand, we've raised over $61,000 for animal rescues and charities. - It's been truly inspiring to see someone at such a young age with such a passion for people and animals to make things happen and make a change. It's heartwarming. - There's your change. MICHAEL STRAHAN: And it's heartwarming for the community too. - I come in every day, and I'm here for Delanie. I'm here for her mission. It gets me emotional because I want to do the best I can. So it means a lot to me. JULIE DENNIS: You're doing a great job. MICHAEL STRAHAN: Her hard work being recognized-- earning her the ASPCA's 2022 Kid of the Year. - I especially want all the kids out there to know that I think kids at any age can change the world. MICHAEL STRAHAN: And when she's not busy raising funds, she's volunteering at her favorite animal rescue, home to her pet donkey. - This is Burrito. I like giving him ear kisses. I want to inspire my generation to help animals. The future is that, hopefully, animals' lives will all be changed. OK, Boots, let's go for a walk. [HUMMING] - And let's welcome Delanie Dennis to our studio here in Times Square. Welcome to GMA, Delanie. [APPLAUSE] And we know that you raise money, and you volunteer, and-- but you also help make sure that the animals get adopted. What's the name of your adoption fair? - The name of my adoption fair is Squeeze the Day. [LAUGHTER] MICHAEL STRAHAN: Squeeze the Day-- so what exactly does Squeeze the Day do? What happens there? - Squeeze the Day is an adoption fair that I host every year where there's a bunch of rescues that come, and they can share the word about their rescue, get donations to help out, and adopt out animals most of all. MICHAEL STRAHAN: Well, you are-- you're 11 years old? Are you sure? Immediately squeeze the day-- we're going to let you squeeze the day right here on GMA because we have some kittens here. We also have a dog here named Hollywood. Come on out, Hollywood. - Hollywood - And you were the ASPCA's Kid of the Year last year. So we're going to let you squeeze the day with these animals who are all from the ASPCA here in New York City. And they're looking at homes-- looking for homes. So tell us all about it. MICHAEL STRAHAN: So first, we have-- up, we have Hollywood. He is a 14-year-old terrier mix. And he is looking for a home. ALL: Aw. MICHAEL STRAHAN: He's looking for a home. - He likes [INAUDIBLE] MICHAEL STRAHAN: Yes. Lara might be in the market because she loves her animals. - He may be 14-year-old, but you see, he's acts like a puppy. And if you wouldn't have heard he's 14, you wouldn't be able to tell. - That it very true, a lot of energy there from Hollywood. - Yep. - And what about the kittens? DELANIE DENNIS: And we have the two kittens. And they are also sisters from the same litter. MICHAEL STRAHAN: Hmm. - They are very fluffy. And they are looking for a good home. MICHAEL STRAHAN: And looking for a good home. And I'm glad you came here to help them try to find a good home. And we know you had a record-setting month raising money for animal rescues. - Yes, I did. MICHAEL STRAHAN: You did, which is great. But Veterinarian Emergency Group-- they want to help out. They want to add a little bit to that record-setting month for you. So we've got a little something for you. They want to give you $2,500 to Delanie's-- - Wow. - --lemonade stand. - Yeah. - Right there, they want to give you an extra $2,500 to help you out. [APPLAUSE] MICHAEL STRAHAN: So what do you think you're going to do with this money? - Well, help out this month's the Mastiff rescue. - You know what? Delanie, you are amazing. Keep on doing the great work you're doing. We appreciate it. The animals appreciate it. And you definitely are the Kid of the Year for the ASPCA. You deserve it. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] - Give me that. Ah! There we go. [APPLAUSE] Everybody, these animals are up for adoption. You could take them home. Lara, I got you covered. [LAUGHTER]

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"Delanie Dennis, who has raised the funds since starting her Tampa-based business in 2019, joins “GMA” for a special surprise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"98036613","title":"11-year-old raises over $61K for animals with lemonade stand","url":"/GMA/Living/video/11-year-raises-61k-animals-lemonade-stand-98036613"}