$5,000 bottle of wine mistakenly served for $300

An expensive restaurant mistake prompts Sara to share her worst work experience.
5:03 | 05/17/19

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Transcript for $5,000 bottle of wine mistakenly served for $300
Something that I thought made me laugh, I read an article, have you ever had an embarrassing/bad day at work? Never mess up, nope. I expected that from you. There was a waiter at a British steakhouse in Manchester who accidentally served a customer a $5700 bottle of red wine. And the customer only ordered a $330, still steep, bottle of wine, but that patron had no idea they were drinking this expensive stuff. The good stuff. Loved it. Shocking. Said, we'd like another bottle. So the waiter went down to get the bottle and it was in the one of a kind section. He was like, what have I done? He goes back up to say, he had to tell his boss that he accidentally served this bottle of wine that they've been saving for years since 2001 -- This guy is kind of -- but I consider this guy, $5700 bottle for wine for a customer who ordered a $300 bottle of wine. He's like robinhood, giving from the rich to the very rich. I look at the house wines, one is $15 and one's $12. I'll take the pinot. The fact they're dealing at that level -- How did the restaurant handle that? Because that's a big mistake. So, classy. So, what happened was, they tweeted, the restaurant, to the customer accidentally got given a bottle of chateau LE pin pomerol last night hope you enjoyed your evening. To the member of staff, who accidentally gave it away, chin up, one-off mistakes happen. We love you anyway! Which makes me want to ask you, what's the biggest mistake you ever made at work? Okay, it's funny you ask I have one of those. My first job as page -- Tom, you might remember this. There was an opportunity where they asked who can drive in the room, because they needed people to drive executives for the company at a big event. Before I thought about it, this is a lesson to young people. You raised your hand? Yeah, I don't have an amazing driving record. But I thought this was eager and enthusiastic. We go to the rental company. We're so young. We had to get permission from the company to have us rent cars. I turned on the radio and I was so excited and I tried to do a three-point turn and I scraped the whole side -- by the way, did I mention we're still in the rental garage? Oh, do you mention you had insurance so, there you go. Michael, you know I'm superemotional. What do you think happened next? Started crying. I started bawling. One of my fellow page guys was like, Sara, you work on "The Rosie o'donnell show" as a page. Offer the woman some tickets, they're hard to get. I walk over and I look at the woman, I don't know if you're a fan, but if you want to tickets to someone -- I'd love tickets to "Rosie." I write that the car was like it when you got it. I fall on the woman -- What was the rental car company? I'm not going reveal because Peggy who hooked me up -- You just gave her away. I didn't mention the last name. She saved my life. You could have see I was puffy and it had gone we swore to secrecy with my pinkie swear. I'm still employed. You're still employed. You'll never borrow a car of mine. I'll tell you that much. What's the worst thing you ever done at work? I really haven't had a bad day at work. You weren't joking? No. Michael, you gain weight for me to make me feel better about my pregnancy. You can at least sometimes humble yourself with a story of you messing up. If I mess TD up -- I'd tell you everything. I can't think of a day that I'd mess up. Ever miss a block? Ever miss a block? I tackled people. Somebody knows their football knowledge. But, no, I have a great day every day I come to work because I get to hang out with all of you people. I never have a bad day.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"An expensive restaurant mistake prompts Sara to share her worst work experience.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63106229","title":"$5,000 bottle of wine mistakenly served for $300","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/5000-bottle-wine-mistakenly-served-300-63106229"}