Top products for cleaning, organizing your home

The executive director of the Home Care and Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute drops by to share a few of the top items from the magazine’s 2022 Cleaning and Organizing Awards.
4:53 | 08/31/22

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Transcript for Top products for cleaning, organizing your home
- Now with Good Housekeeping's 2022 cleaning and organizing awards. The magazine's experts, along with more than 1,000 consumers, tested over 200 innovative products before crowning a list of 25 All-Star winners. - That's a lot of products. Joining us now to walk us through some of these award-winning products is the executive director of the Home Care and Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, Carolyn Forte. Thank you so much for being with us. - Thank you so much. It's great to be here. - OK, so this is my love language here. - Organizing? - Organizing. And there are some products that have taken some awards here. - Yes. This is the first year we combined cleaning and organizing, which makes a lot of sense, right? - All the things I love. - So we've got 65 winners, we've got some really great ones here to show you. And we're going to start with the Youcopia Crazy Susan Turntable. All right. Now, a turntable or a Lazy Susan, a Crazy Susan is what you need for deep cabinets, low cabinets, things that you can't access the back. So what we love about this one is that it's stable, it comes with three sections that you can take out. Handle on the side makes it easy to remove and put back. And what's nice about it is that everything stays in place when you spin it around because it's got high sides. - Yeah. That looks very useful. - It's easy spin. It's got a little feet on the bottom that keeps it from moving around in the cabinet. So you can get to the things that you normally can't get to in the back. - And you can see what you have. - And you can see what you have. One of our consumer testers said it's the best one she's ever tested. - OK. - And we agree. - Good to know. - Next, if you are a person that goes to the laundromat or does your laundry at college or go to your building laundry room, this is the Laundry Lab Bottle. It's a three section bottle, handle on the top so it's great for coins. You fill it with your laundry detergent, your detergent packets, fabric softener, whatever you need to take with you. There's markings on the side, so you don't have to bring the big bottles with you. - Lugging those with the laundry, so much easier. - So it's really easier and it puts it all into one spot. And you can store it in there. But you want to keep it away from kids and pets. In our tests, though, we shook it, we tipped it, we tossed it around, and not a drop leaked out. - All stayed in there? OK. That's perfect. So moving on to products that are both clean and green, so environmentally conscious options. - Yes. - All the rage right now. - We're seeing a lot more of that now and everybody's getting into that, which is really great. And one of the products that we really were impressed with this year was Palmolive Shake & Clean. It's a dish soap starter kit. And what you do is you buy the starter kit, comes with the clear bottle, and a little pouch of gel. - OK. - You fill the bottle with your own water, pour in the gel. - Oh. - Squeeze it in. - It's like a science experiment. - It's like a little science experiment in a bottle, I love it. Pour in the gel, which is very cool. - I heard you say that science experiment. - That's OK. That's OK. Put the cap on. And then you want to shake it from side to side. [SHAKING] - So that it mixes up. - It dissolves. And you keep shaking it. - Oh and now it's the color like you would get in the store. - Yes. But what's going to happen is it's going to turn to the regular Palmolive green color. And in our tests, it did a great job, it made lots of long lasting suds. So it cleans just as well as regular Palmolive does. - And then once you're out, you still have the bottle, you just pour more water, and another packet in? - Exactly. What you do is you keep the bottle and it's cutting down on plastic waste. So it's very cool, very cool. And a similar concept is Clorox's Bathroom Former Refillable Cleaner Kit. Again, you buy the bottle. Then, take the pod, take the trigger spray off, screw the pod on top, the cleaner comes out, releases into the bottle that you've filled with water, and you've got a full bottle of bathroom cleaner. Now, we've tested a lot of bathroom refillable cleaners at Good Housekeeping, not so impressive. But Clorox, Clorox knows bathroom cleaning. So it did a great job in our tests and it saves plastic too, up to 80%. - I do trust Clorox. - I love the smell of Clorox in my house. - Using a lot less plastic. - One of the problems with cleaning supplies is that they're not very pretty. - Yeah. - But these are. - Well, that's being fixed. And absolutely, we're seeing a total trend in better designed, more aesthetic cleaning products. And a perfect example of that is Biome, Biome Wipes. Now canisters of cleaning wipes, they're very handy and they're great to have around, but they're not the best to look at. Biome changed that with their sleekly-designed cleaning wipe canisters. The top is magnetic so it flips down and keeps the wipes moist inside. All you do is refill them with the Biome Wipes and you can keep it out, it's soft-looking, it's nice to hold. It's really very aesthetic. - And real quick because we're almost out of time, cute jars. - Very cute. This is Home Court Dish Soap. It's Courtney Cox from Friends, it's her line of cleaning products. Beautifully-designed, certainly a bottle to leave out. Some of these are even gift worthy. It did a great job in our cleaning test and the pump top is nice for easy display. - I love to gift it. - Courtney Cox certainly found a way to pivet. - Carolyn Forte, thank you so much for joining us. And for the full list of these award-winning products, you can check out the Good Housekeeping website.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"The executive director of the Home Care and Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute drops by to share a few of the top items from the magazine’s 2022 Cleaning and Organizing Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"89108489","title":"Top products for cleaning, organizing your home","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/top-products-cleaning-organizing-home-89108489"}