Must-know tips for meal programs that fit your lifestyle

Dr. Juan Rivera offers advice on avoiding the diet trap.
4:54 | 01/14/22

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Transcript for Must-know tips for meal programs that fit your lifestyle
- I want to turn now to the important question for our Year of You in '22. Which diet should I focus on if I want to lose weight? Well Dr. Ashton has cautioned us about falling for every new fad diet out there as some go-to must-have magic elixir. Right? Not all these are built the same, and not always good for weight loss. - That's right. So our next guest could not agree more with Dr. Ashton. And here to tell us all about it, how to avoid the diet trap is cardiologist Univision Chief Medical Correspondent and co-founder of Entalla weight loss system, Dr. Juan Rivera. Dr. Rivera, thank you for being with us. So yes, in the new year, a lot of people with New Year's resolutions are to lose weight. Obviously, we should avoid diet traps. We know that. But what do you suggest instead? - Hi, Amy, TJ. Happy New Year. Good afternoon. The first thing I'll tell you is Entalla what that means is basically being in the best shape of your life. When you walk out of the gym, when you are wearing that tight dress, I'm going to look at you and say Amy, TJ, you guys look entalla. That's what it means. [LAUGHTER] Anyways, the first thing you should know is that when it comes to a nutrition system, one size doesn't fit all. OK? What does that mean? You need to choose a nutrition system that basically goes with your lifestyle. - And Dr. Rivera, to your point there, let's go through some of these things. You said not one size fits all. You have-- people need to pick something that works for their lifestyle and what they want to do. So we'll give some scenarios. So if a person, if you don't exercise often and prefer or to choose a low carb food diet, so what meal program would you suggest for a person like that? - That's a low glycemic index diet. By the way, I think we all should have a decent activity level. Exercise is great. But if you're following a low carbohydrate diet, you should know that is-- that doesn't mean no carbohydrates. You should concentrate on good carbs. And one of the mistakes that a lot of people do is when they're eating a lot of fruits because fruits have fiber, concentrate on berries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. If you do a lot of tropical fruit, like you know, here in Miami we love to do sometimes, you know, pineapple, kiwi, they have a lot of sugar. So if you do a lot of that, your triglycerides might go up, your blood sugar might go up. So concentrate on berries. TJ HOLMES: Hm. AMY ROBACH: All right, what if you want the flexibility to eat what you want? I think everyone's in on that one. TJ HOLMES: We're all listening. [LAUGHING] DR. JUAN RIVERA: I don't know if we can go as far as eat what you want, because I want to eat, uh, ice cream every day. But if you want to have a little bit more flexibility, try an intermittent fasting. You're fasting for 16 hours. You can start fasting at 8:00 PM, end at noon the next day. And then for those eight hours, you can have a little bit more flexibility in terms of the things that you're eating, because you're going to have a lower caloric intake because you're only eating for eight hours. So you can cheat a little bit more. But if you're doing intermittent fasting, for those eight hours, always try to eat healthy. But you have a little bit more flexibility. AMY ROBACH: I was just going to say, I was-- when I want a pizza, I'm like, is it worth a 20-hour fast? And then if it is, I'll do it, because then I can go right back into ketosis. I love that you said that. All right. TJ HOLMES: When was the last time you had pizza? AMY ROBACH: Um, it's been awhile. TJ HOLMES: It's been awhile. AMY ROBACH: Been awhile. TJ HOLMES: Oh, she's due for one. We were talking about pizza before this segment started. You should have seen her, doc. Um, going on here to a person who's maybe willing to give up breads, cereals, whole grains, pasta, rice, potatoes, and decrease sweets, what do you suggest for those folks? DR. JUAN RIVERA: So listen, that's a Keto diet. And you have to be careful with the Keto diet. It's going to work, and you're going to lose weight, but I'm seeing too many patients in my office that are doing it wrong. They're eating a lot of saturated fat, a lot of meat, a lot of fried food, a lot of cheese. I have an Italian friend that once told me, let me show you how to eat pizza Keto way. And he literally started getting all the cheese out of all these slices of pizzas and then eating it. That's crazy. That's saturated fat. That's going to increase your LDL. That's going to increase your cholesterol. You don't want to lose 20 pounds, 30 pounds, and then go to a cardiologist and your LDL is super elevated. You want to obviously look good, but you want your coronary arteries to look good as well. So do a healthy Keto. You have to concentrate on good fats. That's fish, avocado, peanuts. You need to do it the right way. And if you do it the right way, I don't have a problem with, uh-- with a healthy Keto diet. AMY ROBACH: All right. Thank you very much, Dr. Juan Rivera. We appreciate it helping us get a healthy start to the new year. Thank you. - Thank you, guys. AMY ROBACH: And I need to be honest, because I just remembered. - Uh-oh. - After the game, I had pizza. - Did you really? - (LAUGHING) Yeah. - You forgot a lot that night though. [LAUGHS] - It's a lot of celebration going on. I just need to be fully honest. I had pizza this week. - OK. [INAUDIBLE].

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