Tips for controlling holiday stress

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo shares helpful tips to stay calm, cool and collected in her new book “Get out of the red zone: Transform your stress to optimize true success.”
2:15 | 12/08/21

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Transcript for Tips for controlling holiday stress
- We're going to turn now to this festive season. Holidays are here. Weeks are filled with joy and happiness, right? Well, it could be plenty of stress this time of year. Our next guest is going to give you now some helpful tips to stay calm, cool, collected. She's one of the nation's top psychologists, a success coach, and best-selling author. Her latest book is called "Get Out of the Red Zone-- Transform Your Stress to Optimize True Success." Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, what is the red zone? How do we know we're in it? What are we talking about here? ELIZABETH LOMBARDO: OK, so we're talking about the psychological red zone, not the football red zone, right? - All right, there we go, for clarity. ELIZABETH LOMBARDO: The psychological red zone is when you're at high levels of stress. - OK. ELIZABETH LOMBARDO: So think of stress as on a continuum, from 0-- no stress at all, to 10 out of 10-- the most stressed you've ever been. And the red zone happens at a 7 out of 10 or higher. And when you're in the red zone think differently, and you act differently. - Is the key to avoid getting in it? Or the key is, we know we're going to end up there, and we need the tools to get out? ELIZABETH LOMBARDO: Well, both, right? Right. So if you notice that you're in the red zone, ask yourself, where am I on this scale? If you're at even a 6 out of 10 or higher, do something healthy and healthful to get out of it. But we also want to proactively, especially as we're coming into the holidays, we want to proactively get our stress level down. Have some tools, so that we don't get into that red zone. - And what are those tools, to deactivate? Is that the right way to put it? Deactivate our triggers? ELIZABETH LOMBARDO: Our triggers, yes. So there are certain things that people do or say that can trigger us into the red zone. - Ain't that the truth. ELIZABETH LOMBARDO: Right? And they're unique for each person. So it's important that you identify, first, what are your triggers, and then secondly, deactivate them. - You also say, address your stress. OK, you got to do it before, during, and after. What are we talking about here? ELIZABETH LOMBARDO: How to do all this, before, during, and after, yes. So as you're going into a stressful event or what could be a stressful event, you want to start as low as possible. So that means, before you go to that holiday party or the meal with your family, you want to do something to get your stress as low as possible. - This is great stuff. I hope we can continue a conversation with you, because, look, it's been a stressful couple of years, clearly, for folks. Now here we are upon the holidays again. Omicron is in the news again and spikes in COVID. So there's a lot here . And I absolutely hope we can have you back. ELIZABETH LOMBARDO: Wonderful. Thank you. - All right, good to have you in studio here. ELIZABETH LOMBARDO: And great to be here. - So this is Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, and the book is 'Get Out of the Red Zone."

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo shares helpful tips to stay calm, cool and collected in her new book “Get out of the red zone: Transform your stress to optimize true success.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"81628559","title":"Tips for controlling holiday stress ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/tips-controlling-holiday-stress-81628559"}