Shining a light on AANHPI women-owned brands

Beauty expert Milly Almodovar shares six beauty products all founded by Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander women.
5:14 | 05/23/22

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Transcript for Shining a light on AANHPI women-owned brands
- We're continuing our celebration of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month by now shining a light on a few of the top beauty and lifestyle brands all founded by women in this community. - So here to help us out once again is our friend and beauty expert, Milly Almodovar. Milly, it's always good to have you in the house. - Love being here - And you're seeing starting with some awesome products. This one is body scrub? - Body scrub created by a woman, Metta Murdaya. She was known as the apartment chemist because she was constantly creating products inspired by her Indonesian roots in her house. So that's how her brand JUARA was born. First of all, I need you guys to smell this. - All right. - It's the Invigorating Coffee Scrub. What does it smell like? AMY ROBACH: Coffee. MILLY ALMODOVAR: It smells like an espresso brownie. TJ HOLMES: Wow. MILLY ALMODOVAR: Yes. - Wow. - It'll wake you up, wake everyone in your house up just opening it-- - Yes. - --right? But then it also has-- it has those coffee scrubs. But then it has coconut oil, rice bran oil. So you can use this, wash it off, and literally walk out your house because your legs are so silky soft. - Oh, wow. - Yes, nice. - Yeah. So you get it at JUARA. - I could use some silky soft legs. Yeah. - Hello, we all can. [LAUGHTER] - Let's work our way down here. What do we got? - Michelle Ranavat, so this was a woman. She had a pharmaceutical and science background. And she used that to create effective skin and hair care products that honored her South Asian heritage. So let's talk about this. RANAVAT Beauty Sacred Rose Hand Cream, three beauty awards on this product. - Oh, wow. - I want you guys to-- let me put some more on you so you can smell it. Do you smell this? Smell that. TJ HOLMES: All right. - Oh, yeah. - Yes. So those-- - It's thick. - --that rose scent, that is from Pushkar, India. She has rose petals from Pushkar, India. She's also put almond oil, rose, sesame seed oil in this. Let me tell you. You put this on, and you guys see. It doesn't feel greasy. You can shake someone's hand, and it won't feel like your hands are wet. Again, three beauty awards. [LAUGHTER] AMY ROBACH: He thought about it. [LAUGHTER] - Hall pass. [LAUGHTER] - OK. Next-- - It smells amazing. It feels great too. All right. What's next? - OK. Next, Glow Recipe, so the founders of Glow Recipe, Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, these were two women who were from-- they were at L'Oreal, and they said, let me make a brand. Well, first of all, their first product, their Watermelon Sleep Mask sold out seven times in Sephora and had an 8,000 person waiting list. TJ HOLMES: What? AMY ROBACH: Wow MILLY ALMODOVAR: Yes. AMY ROBACH: That's telling. MILLY ALMODOVAR: That's their first-- so, yeah, but this product is pretty amazing too. It's their Glow Pride Watermelon PHA + BHA Toner. So it has polyhydroxy acids. I see your face, TJ. TJ HOLMES: Yeah. - I'm about to explain. TJ HOLMES: Please - Polyhydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, with her gentle exfoliants that even the most sensitive skin can use. They put hyaluronic acid in this, so it's really going to hydrate your skin as well. The great thing about this specific toner is that all proceeds will be donated to LGBQTIA organizations. TJ HOLMES: Oh. All right. AMY ROBACH: Amazing. - So pretty-- yeah, all proceeds. - Win-win. All right. - All right. Let's come here guys. - Moving on. - This is the Raw Juice Cleanse Mask Set. So this is from Elina Wang. So, Elina is Taiwanese. She was suffering from stomach ulcers all the time. She decided that she was going to start clean eating, but then also try clean beauty products. She couldn't find any masks that were nontoxic and clean, so she created them herself. So you've got six masks here, all vegan, all cruelty-free, all raw ingredients. I am obsessed with the pineapple one. It is like an instant peel for your skin. It has this bro-- something called bromelain, which is an enzyme. Literally, you use it. You leave it on for 10 minutes. And you-- it comes off, your skin is glowing. It looks dew-- just amazing. AMY ROBACH: Sold. MILLY ALMODOVAR: Yeah. AMY ROBACH: That sounds incredible. - You can get this for $30. So this is Deepica Mutyala. She is a world-renowned South Asian beauty influencer. So she-- also the CEO of a company called Live Tinted. These are her products, Hueglow. Oh, my god, these are, like, essential-- AMY ROBACH: That's pretty. Oh, it's-- - --for the summer months. Yeah. So first of all-- - It's like rose gold on you-- - Yeah. So you've got a rose gold one-- - Oh, it is. - --and a bronze gold one. So these are like a highlighter. AMY ROBACH: Wow. - They're like a moisturizer, like a serum. You can put this under your foundation, or you can just put it on by itself. Do you see this gorgeous-- AMY ROBACH: It glows. TJ HOLMES: I'm sorry-- MILLY ALMODOVAR: --glow? TJ HOLMES: What is this for? You put it where? AMY ROBACH: On your face. MILLY ALMODOVAR: You can put it on your-- as a highlighter. - Do you put it on the-- not the rest of your-- - You could put it on your body if you want-- - You could put it on your shoulders. - But you could put it on your-- yeah, you can put it on your shoulders-- AMY ROBACH: Right? - --on your decolletage. Hello. On your legs mix, it with a bit of lotion-- - OK. - I'm telling you, you will be glowing. - You will have silky, soft, and reflective legs. - Yes. [LAUGHTER] - And you can-- [LAUGHTER] - They tried to cut me out of this segment earlier. All right. - You can get this at - OK. - It's beautiful. It really is - Yes. It's beautiful. I'm telling you. Last but not least, Bloomeffects, so this was founded by Kim van Haaster. She was a New Yorker. She moved to Australia. And she decided that she was going to create a beauty company and be the first beauty company that ever put tulips in skincare. So this product, her lip and cheek tints, it's won an Allure Beauty Award. It has three universal gorgeous colors. You've got pinks. You've got corals. Here, let me put this on you. TJ, do you want some? - You know, yeah. Let me-- - Will you put it on your cheeks? - Oh, yeah. Oh, whoa, cheeks, no. [LAUGHTER] - Rather not? Yeah. - [LAUGHING] - He prefers things on his legs. [LAUGHTER] - Is this the same thing that's supposed to tint your skin in summer? - Yeah. No, but this is actually a blush. AMY ROBACH: Your lips. MILLY ALMODOVAR: You can put it on lips. You can put it on as a blush. - This is not right. - You can put it on your lips. Yeah, and not only that, she's put jojoba oil in this, shea butter, so it's actually good for your skin as well-- - Milly, you're the greatest. You're the greatest - $29. - OK. All-- - She's really just the greatest for putting up with us. - You are. - So thank you so much, Milly. - Love you guys. - Milly Almodovar-- [LAUGHTER] --our resident chemist here, we appreciate having you, as always.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"Beauty expert Milly Almodovar shares six beauty products all founded by Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"84911025","title":"Shining a light on AANHPI women-owned brands","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/shining-light-aanhpi-women-owned-brands-84911025"}