Practicing stoic parenting to help kids thrive

Bestselling author Ryan Holiday talks teaching stoicism to kids and his new book, “Courage is Calling: Fortune Favors the Brave.”
3:25 | 01/18/22

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Transcript for Practicing stoic parenting to help kids thrive
- Let's turn now to the Year of You in '22. And our next guest has helped bring the ancient teaching of stoicism to millions of readers from athletes, politicians to CEOs. And one question he gets all the time from his millions of followers is, how can I teach stoicism to my kids? Well, let's get this answer. Teachings from his new book "Courage is Calling-- Fortune Favors the Brave , best-selling author, Ryan Holiday. Ryan, good to have you here. Please explain to folks what we're talking about here when we talk about stoicism and stoic parenting. - We're talking about an ancient philosophy that comes to us from Greece and Rome. But it's actually much more straightforward than people think. Epictetus, one of the Romans stoics says that the first job of the philosopher, of the stoic, is just to separate matters into two categories-- what we control and what we don't. And a stoic primarily focuses on what we control. The tricky thing is, parents, so much of what happens is outside of our control-- what other parents think, what the weather's like whether there's a pandemic in the world-- - [CHUCKLES] - --so what stoicism is is focusing on what's up to us, what we can do. And I'd say for parents the number one thing we control each day is is what our mood is, right? We decide whether we're going to be in a good mood, and that, I think, is the first step of good parenting. - Uh-- good mood. All right. That's the first step. So help us along with some of these virtues,all right, so of these things we can pass along to our kids. I understand you got a little list we can start with here. - You know, there's four cardinal virtues in stoicism. Cardos-- it comes from the Latin word meaning "hinge". And those four virtues are courage, self-discipline, justice, and wisdom. And I think these are four traits, four virtues, that we can teach to our kids, that we can hold them accountable to, and of course, we have to hold ourselves accountable to. We have to be brave. We have to be in charge of ourselves and our behavior. We have to treat people well according to the Golden Rule. We have to love learning and love, truth. And if we can apply those four things to each and every situation, I think we're going to be good parents. We're also going to raise good children. - OK. If we apply them, give us some kind of an example here because people are listening, and I'm sure you've got some ears perked up right now. And some of this seems so simple. It makes sense, and oh, I want to do that. But how do you apply that to your parenting? What was the list? Courage and self-discipline are at the top, so can you give us an idea? How do you apply this to your parenting? - Yeah. Courage, I think, is the critical virtue. Can you be brave? Whether we're in a scary situation in the world or how you go through and approach your career, right, we might talk to our kids let's say about following your dreams or doing the right thing. But are they seeing you embody that at home, right? Are you putting yourself out there? Are you stepping up, right? So when we talk about these virtues, it's really important that we understand that the stoics, you know, believed in that operative word you used there a second ago-- example. Are you leading by example? Are you embodying the ideas? That's what stoicism is really about. - Well we-- this is great. Brian, this is great. I hope to have you back here on the show. We have a lot of folks, a lot of parents, that do watch this show. Everybody can use a little help, especially after all we've gone through the past couple of years. So Ryan Holiday, thank you for being here. See you down the road, all Right - It was an honor. - All right. And the book is "Courage is Calling." It's available everywhere that books are sold.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Bestselling author Ryan Holiday talks teaching stoicism to kids and his new book, “Courage is Calling: Fortune Favors the Brave.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"82332492","title":"Practicing stoic parenting to help kids thrive ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/practicing-stoic-parenting-kids-thrive-82332492"}