Get up and dance!

Meet the fitness entrepreneur, Sarina Jain, who’s honoring her father by inspiring others to get up and dance.
2:32 | 01/19/22

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Transcript for Get up and dance!
- Now with the fitness instructor inspired to keep the world moving, Indian-style, making a key pandemic pivot with her father's memory in mind. Check this out. SARINA JAIN: Bhangra is a folk dance from the North part of India. It is a celebratory dance. They dance bhangra, and they move the shoulders up and down. In fact, Missy Elliott was one of the first artists to use a bhangra beat in some of her music years ago. [MUSIC - MISSY ELLIOTT, "GET UR FREAK ON"] I was born and raised in the United States to two parents who immigrated to the US in the '70s. Dad wanted to make sure we knew where our roots came from. But when dad had a massive cardiac arrest at age 47, that really hit home for all of us. It was almost like, where do we go? What do we do? This light bulb went off, and I'm like, why not create the Indian dance workout and introduce the first Indian dance workout video to the world? This is Masala Bhangra. 22 years later, when Masala Bhangra was born, I created it to honor my father and his existence into everything he told me to be proud of. And wanted him to know that I'm proud to be Indian, and that you need not worry, and that I'm going to get this world up and moving Indian-style. And four, three, six! My mission is to bring people together, create a community of people that come together to dance, to celebrate, one another, and then also to live a long life. And why not do that through Indian dance? Being a entrepreneur and a one woman show, when the pandemic hit, that was a big blow to me, and I'm sure everyone around the world. With everything moving as fast as it is, we have an on demand Masala Bhangra gym so anywhere, any time, you're able to work out. The very fact that I have been able to have people come online and retain their attention online virtually has been mind blowing. I think the students and I have a special relationship because I look towards them to feed my soul, and they look towards me to rock their world. If you believe in something that you do, it will shine, and it will keep going. And you've got to believe in it so much, where on the bad days, you still believe in it because it will all come full circle. And you will be starting to make a difference in your community. So do not give up. - A big thanks to Sarina for sharing that with us. And thanks to Missy Elliott for my first introduction to bhangra all those years ago.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Meet the fitness entrepreneur, Sarina Jain, who’s honoring her father by inspiring others to get up and dance. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"82352825","title":"Get up and dance! ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/dance--82352825"}